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No description

Jo-Anne Knol

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Sugar

How sugar is made
- Sugar is produced in 121 countries
- 120 million tons of sugar is produced a day
- photosynthesis
- sugar cane
- sugar beets
- the process
Sugar consumption
- 1822: 45 grams every 5 days
- 2012: 756 grams every 5 days
- sodas, energy drinks and sports drinks
- 10% of calories is from added sugars
- Weight, gain and cavities
- Empty calories
- Women: a 100 calories per day
- Men: a 150 calories per day
- But what about fruit sugar?
The effects of sugar
What is sugar exactly?
- soluble carbohydrates
- sucrose
- Two types of sugar:
monosaccharides: glucose, fructose & galactose
disaccharides: sucrose, maltose & lactose

The history of sugar
- Polynesian Islands of the Pacific Ocean
- 510 BC
- The fourth century BC
- The seventh century BC
- 1493
- Christopher Columbus
- Slaves
- White gold
- What is sugar exactly?
- The history of sugar
- How sugar is made
- Sugar consumption
- The effects of sugar
- Our article: Sugar Love
- Our thesis: Sugary foods should be banned
at schools
- Natural/good sugar
- Glucose -> Energy
- Added/bad sugar
- Diabetes:
two types
lack of insulin
- Obesity
- Heart diseases
Our article: Sugar Love

- August 2013
- National Geographic
Our thesis
Sugary foods should be banned at schools.
Beau & Gina: for
Tycho & Kim: against
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