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on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe had many valuable resources, including gold, iron, ivory, and granite, the latter of which was used to build giant structures. The people were able to farm enough to feed themselves, but they mostly traded these resources to places like Kilwa and China.
Zimbabwe has struggled with many challenges like droughts, AIDS, unemployment, and high inflation since it gained independence in 2008.
Drought in 2000
One of the big problems they struggled with over the years was controlling white owned farming. President Mugabe and his political party ZANU-PF helped end this issue by placing a law on all white farmers. Mugabe set this law to balance the land ownership.
President Mugabe
Zimbabweans farming

The people of Zimbabwe used monarchy as their sysetem of government, and they were monotheistic.
Mwari was the supreme god for the people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe was colonized in 1889 by Cecil John Rhodes with the British South Africa Company from England they were colonized for 19 years. They colonized Zimbabwe for its gold, diamonds, and minerals.

Into Zimbabwe!
The End!
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