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Erica Brinsfield

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Webquest

The climate affects the ocean
in many ways. The affect of global
warming is hurting our oceans and
the creatures living in it. Your job is to inform your audience
about the affects on ocean from the
climate and to discuss ways that the
audience cam help. Your assignment is to figure out the relation between the climate and the ocean. You need to understand the process of the greenhouse effect and how it is affecting the ocean water. Put together a PowerPoint presentation answers these questions or statements.

1. What is the relationship between the climate and the ocean?
2. How great is the connection between the climate and ocean?
3. How is the relationship affecting the ocean and climate?
4. How does it affect ocean life and society?

Congratulations, you are the only Marine Biologist
selected to complete this hard task. You are the
heart and soul of this assignment; you are the protector
of the animals and mammals. Your task is to find out how
the animals and mammal are being affected by the
climate-ocean relationship/ global warming. You must
give us options on how to help this creatures survive.
Design a pamphlet with pictures and designed texts
that answer these questions.
1. What animal/mammal is being affected greatly by
global warming?
2. How are they being affected?
3. How can people help?
4. Where do we go to help?

You are the map expert! You will be responsible for the readings,
collection of data, and evaluations. Your job is to create different
types of maps which will need to be color coded and legible.
To create these maps you will need to research these areas.
You may use Google Earth if you wish to. 1. Heat on the earth’s surface by radiation.
2. Rain rate.
3. Heating of the atmosphere.
4. Physical climate system (which relates to the green house effect).
GEOGRAPHER Your job is one the most important jobs, therefore you will be the team leader. Your task is to understand what the affects of the ocean is, how it changed over years, and what has has the climate done to the ocean (current changes, ph levels, salt water levels, disruption on the ocean floor etc.) You must answer your own questions and then put together a Save the Ocean magazine or newspaper.

1. What has happened to the currents over the years of global warming?
2. Has substance appeared or changed in the ocean water over the years?
3. Has the ocean floors been disturbed in any of the oceans?
4. Why does the climate relate to the ocean so well?

OCEANOGRAPHER GROUP PRODUCT The group product will be a video designed by
Photo Story 3. How does the climate affect the ocean? MARINE BIOLOGIST
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