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Course Review Rubric

No description

Sara Zaker

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Course Review Rubric

Quality Matters & iDEAL at Brandman School of Arts & Sciences iQ Rubric Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. What is Quality Matters? QM has standards of practice.
Why are QM standards important?
Shows that Brandman is committed to providing quality education.
(We are NOT a diploma factory!) Brandman University
is a QM Institution The iQ Rubric How do we ensure our courses
are meeting the QM standards
and iDEAL best practices? 1) Before/During course development:
Consult the rubric while developing your course.
This will save you time making edits!

2) After course development:
Ensure your course meets the standards delineated by the rubric. When do I use the rubric? How do I use the rubric? Let's go through it together! You will receive a copy of the iQ Rubric
from your IDs.

After course development, complete the rubric
and upload the completed rubric to the
Instructor Resources folder within the course. How do I access the rubric? What is iDEAL? Every class should include opportunity for:
Direct Interaction
Collaborative Engagement
Independent Work

The iDEAL Philosophy:
"Learner-centered" NOT "Teacher-Centered."
Technology is a tool. Brandman is an iDEAL institution! Bloom’s
Taxonomy Brandman’s iDEAL Blended Model Applying Evaluating Remembering Understanding Creating Analyzing Distant Collaboration
Interaction Threaded Discussion
Group Projects Reading
Case Studies
Fieldwork Self
Independent Work F2F Collaboration
In-Class Activities Lectures
Group Activities
Case Studies Instructional Design for Engaged Adult Learning

For more information visit the CII website!
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