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Strategic Digital Media

Presentation to PSEWEB Conference about Strategic Digital Media at Humber Students' Federation.

Nick Farnell

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Digital Media

Nick Farnell
Community Manager
Humber Students' Federation Strategic Digital Media I heart design and technology! ...and education About me Degree in Industrial Design
Post Grad in Rich Media
MBA focused on Digital Media Where I work Fun fact:
This campus is the former "Mimico Insane Asylum" built in the 1880's Humber College
Lakeshore Campus
Toronto The Humber Students' Federation (HSF) is the official student government of the more than 25,000 students at Humber and the University of Guelph Humber.

HSF is a separate corporation from the college. Humber Students' Federation We help. Give. Humber life. HSF provides essential resources that help each student achieve academic success balanced with their personal well-being. Our students can rest easy knowing that the services they need to reach their goals are right outside their classroom door.

Student Advocacy
Health and Dental Insurance
Volunteer Crew
Food Bank
Dental Clinic
Meeting Spaces We Help HSF recognizes the need to provide students with access to additional financial support and opportunities, giving them the leg up they need to afford the quality education they deserve

Student Jobs
Used Text Book Market
Leadership Opportunities
Financial Advice Give Being a successful student means more than just getting good grades. College is a time of personal growth, both socially and academically. HSF breathes life into Humber by creating a wide range of opportunities where students can take a break from their studies and expand their social network.

Student Clubs
Frosh Week
Student Centre
Events and Activities
Student Newspaper
Year-End Gala Humber Life Now that you know a little bit about HSF... Strategic Digital Media First a step backwards Corporate Strategy A successful digital media strategy needs to compliment the current strategy of the organization. Two years ago, HSF went through a 6 month long strategic planning exercise.
The goals of the exercise were to critically evaluate the organization by looking at what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why we do it. Organization Wide Mission
7 Strategic Pillars Strategic Outcomes As the official student government at Humber, we provide essential services, significant leadership development, and engaging social opportunities to actively support and enrich student life. A unified community where students achieve their fullest potential while experiencing the greatest time of their lives. Accountable Governance
Exceptional Quality
Proactive and Responsive
Collaboration and Respect Community Outreach
Customer Satisfaction
Effective Communication
Leveraging Technology
Non Student Fee Revenues
Strategic Management
Training and Development Now that the organizational strategy had been defined, we could focus deeper on the digital strategy. Presence on Social Media sites
Students interacting with HSF on various sites, making recommendations to their friends, taking photos at events

Traditional Web Presence
People going to a website to search for information or to complete a task Digital strategy is: Compliment the corporate strategy
Allow students to "own the brand"
Be authentic and informal
Be active
Have guidelines / rules of engagement
Be measured HSF Digital Strategy Should Concepts from the book
Social Media Marketing - Liana Evans Exceptional Quality
website needs to be of high quality, visually and functionally

Accountable Governance
opportunity to "open up" the governance side of HSF

Proactive and Responsive
not a "one way" website - opportunity to interact

Collaboration and Respect
ability to collect the perspective of students Digital Strategy & Values Next we identified the social networks we wanted to use and applied a framework to them. Goals
2500 fans by May 2011
75 average daily views
1300 weekly interactions

Upcoming events
News updates
Pictures and video
Contests and Games

Push from website
Newspaper & print
Refer from friends

Develop guidelines

Facebook analytics
Traffic to humberlife.com

Time & content Facebook Goals
1000 fans by May

Upcoming events
News updates
Live tweets from events
Lead to more info

Push from website
Newspaper & print
Refer from friends

Develop guidelines

# of followers
# of legitimate conversation
Traffic to humberlife.com

Time & content Twitter Goals

Promotion of upcoming events
Video of past events
Use as main source of video (embed)

Facebook, web, Twitter

Who produces content?

#of views

Video content YouTube Goals

Images of past events
Push to website


What won't we post?

# views

Cameras at multiple campuses
Someone to take photos Flickr (or self host?) Goals
40 friends by may 1
Mayor in both student centres

Prizes for mayors
"to do list"

Physical Signs

Develop guidelines

# of checkins
to do lists

Prizes for each month
Signage FourSquare hsfweb.com
health/dental info


voting info


buy and sell books Web Presence (as of March 2011) Digital Communications: Fragmented

Fragmented Condensed and Consistent
Personalized Content
Organized and Accessible
Mobile Devices Web Presence (Goal) Many sites to one site
Consistent look and feel
Tone, voice, content
Cross promote (specifically to gov) Content that matters to students
Possibly log in with Facebook id? Info must be easy to find for users
Content must be easy to publish for staff
Move forms online where possible (not pdf, not paper)
Design with AODA in mind Acknowledge that students are using mobile
Do not build an iPhone app
Publish content once Interview stakeholders
Build site in summer
Launch in August 2011
Refine throughout academic year Timeline Interviewed each area individually.

Asked questions to get a deep understanding of processes as well as ideal states of the site.

Open ended questions like "what is wrong with the current site?"

Process questions like "why does this form exist in paper - is there any reason stopping us from creating an interactive online form?" Interviews were crucial! Manage expectations.

<magic>make my life easy</magic> does not exist. "Can you make it do this?" Fast forward to now... Events calendar
"Home Slider"
contests Some successes FourSquare
More concrete targets (we want MORE social media!!! What does more mean?)
"Can you just sprinkle some magic on this?" Solutions that do not work in the physical world, that are expected to work in the digital world Some "not so much" Know your audience and keep (most) content interesting to them.

For us this meant events calendar and photos. Looking Back When our events, services, and opportunities are high quality it make it easier to talk about. Do things that are worth talking about. Contests! Encourage students to carry your message How much traffic came to the "elections" page after the "What is leadership" Twitter contest?

Make campaigns distinct when possible. Avoid a print campaign, social contest, and email blast on the same day. Use metrics to gauge the success of campaigns Creating more student positions
More focus on quality photography
Prize distribution and physical tie in
Use of email campaigns
Policy creation
Policy Wiki
iPad magazine Whats up next? Time for some examples? Questions? To all of the organizers of PSEWEB,
especially Melissa. Thank you!!! I will set the scene of my role, audience, and scope
Walk through what we completed as an organization
Share some thoughts looking back on the process
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