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My Career Action Plan

No description

Braydon Clarke

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of My Career Action Plan

My Career Action
Plan My Mentors: All of my Mentors include:
My Mom,
My Dad,
and All of my Teachers They affect my CAP because they all are always driving me to do my best at anything and everything I do. They have all had a positive affect on my career action plan. My Personal Values: Some of my personal values include honesty, loyalty, knowledge.
being honest is everything, it is my number 1 value in life. I believe that without honesty then how can you trust anything anyone says. Loyalty, similar to honesty but loyalty is more, expecting someone to always be on your side. And knowledge. I believe knowledge is important because without knowledge you wont be able to do any of the jobs your told to do, or anything else in life. Personal Characteristics: Some of my personal characteristics include, being a caring person, having faith in others, and being devoted to what I want to do.
I care for my friends and family and always like to see them happy. I also have faith that my friend and family will always have my back if i ever need them.
I am devoted to become a Video Game Developer as my future job. My Interests: My interests or hoppies include, watching T.V. hanging out with my friends, playing video games and computer games. I have always wanted to create my own game well playing all my other games I think about what I might have done different and would really like to be able to make my own game how I want it to be. Hanging with my friends, helps me develop good people skills for the future. My Learning Style: My learning style is more visual and hands on. I prefer doing rather than being told what to do, I also prefer reading instructionsrather than listening. Educational Opportunities: The class require for game development at Fanshawe Collage is University level of Computer Sciences which I am taking next year in grade 11.
After Fanshawe I want to get into a job actually creating games for companies. Volunteer Opportunities: I have volunteered at two places. One at an ice rink at chritmas selling "Raindeer Food" for children, the other was at stratford star. Both os these experiences helped me develop good people skills. Volunteering at these two place I had to deal with a number of different people. Occupation of Interest: The occupation that I want to persue is a Video Game Developer. There are different fields when being a Video Game Developer, which include programmers, graphic artists or animators, musicians or sound designers, and writers. The fields i would want to go into are programmer or animator. Programmers need an extensive knowledge of computers, and it is their work that enables the games to actually function. For example, they work out the mathematical equations that instruct the computer to act like a human while you’re playing the game. Animators create the visual look of a video game. Up to 75% of a game’s budget may be spent on graphics, as they are a crucial part of the finished product. Income varies widely for video game developers, depending on experience, talent, employer, and the role the developer is playing. Programmers working for large corporations may have the opportunity to make more money with less risk, but they may not have the creative freedom that freelancers have. Video game developers generally earn somewhere between $30,000 and $90,000 a year, though freelancers may earn less. On the other hand, some experienced and highly skilled developers earn more than $100,000 a year. Some similar jobs to a game developer include, Animator, Cartoonist, Computer Animator, Computer Programmer and Graphic Designer My Future: At age 25: At age 25 I hope to see myself either in university or at an early job in programming/animating. At age 45: At age 45 I hope to see myself working for a big name company in gaming development, and married with children. At age 65 I hope to be either retired or close to. I also want to work on Gaming Development if any company needs extra help. At age 65:
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