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Epilepsy in children

No description

Marie Becker

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of Epilepsy in children

Epilepsy in children
Seizures may be
Subtle, from repetitive lip smacking,
picking at clothes
Or a loss of consciousness
The best we can do to keep the child safe is:
Lie child on side and stay close
Remain calm
For any seizure lasting more than 5 minutes,
call an ambulance
Headgear is an option in Tonic-clonic seizures(Masachusetts General Hospital, 2006)

A thorough discussion with parents of child's epilepsy will ensure you are aware of severity or type of seizures usually experienced

A shared diary will enable monitoring, of types and regularity of seizures

Check if parents would like to assist you in a discussion with the class, using an appropriate level of language and resources(University of Southern California Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities & Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California,n.d)


Answers to simple questions will empower your child in understanding their type of seizures.

Psychological Implications of Epilepsy

Ensure other children understand the child's illness
Provide a secure and supportive bond
Support their interactions with peers
Support the family
Recognize some behavioral issues may be out of the
child's hands due to medications/seizures


Lay thick carpet and underlay
Place padding on any furniture that has sharp corners
Close the fireplace screen when there is a fire burning and don’t leave child unattended
Use chairs that have arms
Put up safety gates near stairs
Install a shower or tub seat with a safety strap in the tub
Keep all electrical appliances away from the sink or bathtub


For severe epilepsy that is not responding to epileptic medication, strict diet could reduce seizures in children up to 90% (Lefevre & Aronson, 1999)

Always discuss any ideas with your specialist

Types of Seizures

Provide support when they
need it
Check for internet resources
relating to emotional wellbeing
Source information from
professionals that know your

Allow children to participate in everyday activities
Knowledge is the key for understanding
If you ever feel scared always seek a trusted adult
(Lamertz. n/d)

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It is vital that teachers recognize the symptoms of a seizure and react calmly, offering support
This will impact how other students and staff react and improve safety standards

First Aid - Safety
First Aid - A Child’s View
What is the name of my seizure?
How long do they last?
How long until I feel myself again?
Can I tell my friends? (Epilepsy Foundation of America,2010)

Epilepsy Australia.(2010). Seizure types and classification.(Image of seizure types) Retrieved http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/resources/upload/078CGS.pdf.

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Support your child's understanding of their condition
A supported child should carry no more emotional "baggage" than any "normal" child
Seek professionals advice for ways to support your child
If your child attends school or an early childhood setting you should clearly articulate your child's needs and coping mechanisms
(Hills. 2007)

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The impact of Epilepsy in children varies depending on age and type of seizures
Children can feel embarrassed, isolated, scared, worried or a prisoner due to safety restrictions placed by parents/carers
It is our responsibility to ensure guidelines are in place to support and encourage the education of all children

Young Epilepsy.(n.d.)Brain surgery is best.(photograph)Retrieved from http://youngepilepsy.org.uk/new-and-events/news/11765-research-shows-that-brain-surgery-is-the-best-option

Children with epilepsy usually have normal intelligence but effects of seizures and medication can create learning issues through inattentiveness, hyperactivity and lack of sleep (Epilepsy.com, 2013).
Having a Peer Tutor checking in regularly to ensure the child is keeping up with work, and is aware of what's going on in class is recommended (Elliott and Mulligan, 2010)
Children need to feel comfortable knowing they might have a seizure while at school
Close friends and/or classmates should know about epilepsy and what to do in an emergency

Young Epilepsy.(n.d.)For Children.(photgraph)Retrieved from http://youngepilepsy.org.uk/all-about-epilepsy/help-and-support/for-children

A Seizure App is available to record any changes in behaviour and details of the seizure
In Australia you need to provide an Epilepsy Management plan at school (Epilepsy Information 2013)
Adherence to safety measures must be taken
such as staying with children when swimming
and wearing a helmet when bike riding

Young Epilepsy.(n.d.)Epilepsy Seizure Diaries.(photograph of book)Retrived from http://youngepilepsy.org.uk/all-about-epilepsy/help-and-support/for-children/seizure-diary
Getting enough sleep at home is vital for education
Organizing a tutor can help
Going through questions children may ask your child and role playing them can help your child feel more comfortable with their epilepsy among peers

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Wolf.S & McGoldrick. P. (2012, July 30). What Is a Ketogenic Diet? [Video file]. Retrieved from
Developed by:
Marie Becker
Tamara Ellis
Marissa Mulcahy
Jacqui Nicholls
Jacqui Nicholls
Marie Becker

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