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Finding Nemo: A Hero's Journey

No description

Annabel Lee

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Finding Nemo: A Hero's Journey

Accepting the Call
The Ordinary World
The Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Quest
Entering the Unknown
Finding Nemo: A Hero's Journey
By: Mya, Lizzy, Thalia

This is the hero's life before the call to adventure. In 'Finding Nemo' this is when Marlin lives in an anemone with his son, Nemo.
The call to adventure is when the hero is called to the adventure. In Marlin's case, this is when Nemo decides to swim out to go touch the boat.
This is when the hero refuses to go on the adventure. In the movie, the refusal of the quest is when Marlin refuses to let Nemo touch the boat at the drop-off.
Accepting the call is when the hero decides they will go on the quest. In

this is when Nemo is captured and placed on the boat. Marlin accepts the fact that Nemo has been taken away and that he must save his son.
This is when the hero begins the quest. The hero may go out of their comfort zone. For Marlin, entering the unknown is when Marlin is beginning to go search for Nemo. He doesn't go out much and isn't sure how to act.
The aid/mentor is a character who helps the main character during their journey. In
'Finding Nemo'
this character is Dory. She helps Marlin in his journey to find Nemo.
The talisman is an item that helps the hero on their journey. In Marlins case, this is the scuba diver's goggles that tell them where the scuba diver is taking Nemo.
The helpers and allies are characters who help the hero on their journey. An enemy is a character who tries to disrupt the heros journey. In
'Finding Nemo'
the allies or helpers are Dory, Crush, Nigel, the fish in the dentist's tank, and the school of fish who tell Dory and Marlin how to get to Sydney. Some enemies are the sharks, the crabs, the seagulls, the jellyfish, the whale, the dentist and Darla.
Tests and the Supreme Ordeal
The tests are small tests the hero must overcome before the supreme ordeal. The supreme ordeal is a huge test before the reward and journey home. The tests in
'Finding Nemo'
are when Marlin must get away from the sharks, jump through the jellyfish, get out of the whale's mouth, and getting out of the fishing net. The supreme ordeal is when Marlin and Dory have to save Nemo from the dentist's office.
Reward and the Journey Home
The reward is what the hero gets after all his hard work. The journey home is when the hero goes home with the reward. Marlin's reward is Nemo, his son. The journey home is when Marlin, Nemo, and Dory all swim home to the anemone. There is another test, where Marlin must help Dory out of a fishing net.
Master of Two Worlds/Restoring the World
This is when the hero becomes master of both the worlds, his ordinary world and the world that was unknown. This is when Marlin is able to handle the world outside of his anemone.
Returning with the Elixir or Knowledge
The elixir is the knowledge the hero collected during the journey. In 'Finding Nemo', Marlin learns that he can't protect Nemo from everything and Nemo can figure things out on his own.
Star Wars Connection
Nemo is like Luke because they are both taken out of their ordinary world. They also have to conquer problems and tests throughout their journeys.

Star Wars Connection
The dentist is like Darth Vader because he tries to end Nemo's journey back home, just like the way Darth Vader tried to prevent Luke from becoming a Jedi.
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