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Scatter Flowers

No description

India Shackleford

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Scatter Flowers

Scatter Flowers
People "slide past to avoid her."
Dixon's staccato sentences immediately draw attention
J. Dixon
Created by India Shackleford
"Scatter Flowers" raises the key issue of society's behaviour towards the marginalised.
Others "look down at their books that they're not actually reading, pretending not to notice her."
"No one notices and no one cares."
The author's contention is a problem inherent in society - she is addressing the general public.
All people deserve respect and compassion
Discrediting with Rhetorical Questions
Is the character
happy, living out her life as an outcast, shunned and ignored by all?
e.g. "She won't," and "She soon escapes."
Longer and more descriptive sentences emphasise emotional parts of the text
e.g. "Withdraws a handful of small brownish black seeds and proceeds to throw them onto the speeding ground."
Contrast in sentence length captures attention and gives the impression of a moving train
Presented as a sympathetic and intriguing character
Emotional Appeal
“For a split second, she is one of them not the outsider she has always been.”
Flowers & Seeds as

they call them now, a
they called her then.”
Symbols & Metaphors
Unresolved ending
Captivating & moving story
Narrator voices their opinions, portraying the old women positively and the general public negatively
Adds a sense of mystery
Tense & Tone
Present tense is employed, making the story seem like it is unfolding now
A weary and poignant tone is utilised
Told in third person by an omniscient watcher
Sentence Structure
Vivid Description
“Tired old hands, skin pale and mottled, fingers swollen and gnarled.”
Persuading readers that all human beings deserve to be treated with empathy
• The
that the old lady plants are utilised by Dixon as symbol of all that is considered “unwanted” and “imperfect” in society
• They are a
constant reminder
of her presence to other characters
• The plants make the general public feel guilty about their behaviour towards the elderly lady and other “misfits”
“People wanted to be rid of her, and now people want to get rid of her flowers.”
There will always be individuals who are shunned in our community.
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