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Touchbase Demo

Touchbase Demo

Alain Brunel

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of Touchbase Demo

Immediate Contact
Instant Impact Handy online interface
Across Canada, in March alone,
1,8 Million messages were sent
through Touchbase! In Ontario, over 3000 showings are
requested through Touchbase ... Don't let an old paging system limit you -
send messages board wide with Touchbase! Touchbase will save you so much
time, you'll need a new hobby! If you have access to the Internet,
you already have access to Touchbase! Why manage showings through a
half-dozen phone calls... In less than 8 months,
10,000 TREB members
are already on the system. 3,000 real estate offices across Canada
use Touchbase
add yourself to that list! Why invest in servers,
phone lines, modems,
data bases and
Discover our other stunning products! A revolutionary automatic
showing management system

Boardwide communication and front office system Stop paying for system updates!
Touchbase updates are all free! Quick and easy access to all Realtors
no matter their service provider or device! ...When you can do it in just a few clicks! With

all you need is an internet connection. Provided to you
by your Real Estate Board EVERY DAY !! A powerful after hours call dispatch system:

key to success, answer the phone !

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