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middle school recess

No description

will mcdonald

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of middle school recess

By: William McDonald Recess In Middle School Recess in Middle School Obesity Obesity has been going on for a while and its rapidly increasing so recess is a good idea. And some people say "What about PE" Some kids
dont have PE and dont do a before and after
school activity. Exercise Exercise is a good part of a kids nutrition.
It is also a way to have a very healthy lifestyle.This could help with fitness and confidence to do something. why do you want recess in middle school? Letter I wrote my letter
to Tom Shelton
because he is
the leader of all
fayette county
public schools
To Sum It Up In conclusion, Recess would be a good thing
because it could cut down obesity rates, get
more socialized with friends, and kids could get excersise. And by my results alot of kids would like it to. bibliography Recess in middle school is a good idea for so many reasons. if you follow the trail of circles it tells why. socializing Socializing is a big deal to kids. That is a way kids make friends. This is a good thing because kids could have a good time with friends. Do you want to to have recess in middle school? yes 74%

no 26% obesity 24%
exercise 32%
socializing 44% reqr Miscellaneous http://www.educationworld.com/a_issues/issues/issues180.shtml this website tells why kids should
have recess in middle school and why.
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