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Deculturalization of Education

No description

Barry Wagoner

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Deculturalization of Education

Deculturalization of Education
Definition of Deculturalization
Deculturalization is the educational process of destroying a people’s culture (cultural genocide) and replacing it with a new culture.
Deculturalization of Native Americans
Deculturalization of African Americans
Deculturalization of Asian Americans
Deculturalization of Hispanic/Latino Americans
Thomas Jefferson believed it was important to teach Native Americans ______________________ and to _________________________.

a) ways to retain the cultural identity of their tribes; resist cultural conversion
b) the European methods of hunting and fishing; abandon the practices of agriculture and husbandry
c) a desire for the accumulation of property; extinguish the cultural practice of sharing
d) how to oppose selling their land; embark on a military campaign against the U.S. government, if necessary.

Issues regarding Native American citizenship
Native Americans not “free and white” but instead “domestic foreigners”

The Meriam Report in 1928
Began process of restoring Native American language and culture
Reversal in educational philosophy of Native Americans
First enslaved Africans arrived at Jamestown in 1618

Atlantic Creoles v. slaves from interior of Africa - characteristically different

Difference between freedom and equality

Educational segregation
Plantation Society

Issues regarding African American citizenship and education
Dred Scott decision
14th Amendment
Plessy vs. Ferguson

The Great Crusade for Literacy and resisting segregation
W.E.B Du Bois
Booker T. Washington

The Second Crusade for Black Education
First Chinese migrants arrived in California in the 1850s

Asian Americans represented a small percentage of the foreign born population in 1930
82.9% foreign born from Europe
1.9% foreign born from Asia
Chinese are not “white”
Chan Yong case

Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

Takao Ozawa v. United States

Effect of Immigration Act of 1965 on Asian immigration.
In 1990:
22.9% foreign born from Europe
26.3% foreign born from Asia
Mexican-American War

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Significant territorial expansion for United States
Mexico lost nearly one-half of its territory
Issues regarding Mexican American citizenship and education

Issues regarding Puerto Rican citizenship and education
Methods of Deculturalization

Forced Change of Language
Denial of culture/religious expression
Focusing education on material that reflects dominant culture
Use of teachers from dominant group
Where Are We Today?
Progression of Equality
Methods of Deculturalization
"All men are created equal"
Equality of Opportunity
Separate but equal
Civil Rights Movement
Resegregation in America
No Child Left Behind Act
Standardized Testing
Low income focus on test preparation
Scripted instruction
Low Income
Percentage in high poverty school
Are We in a Post-Racial Society?
Our Spirits Don't Speak English Video
Native American beliefs about family, school, property, work and means for subsistence

”Civilizing” (Deculturalizing) Native Americans (late 18th & early 19th centuries):
Protestant missionaries
Tribal schools
Reservations and boarding schools
"Turned Away from School,” Anti-Slavery Almanac, Boston, 1839
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