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Making connections

trial project

guildford public

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Making connections

Playing Beattie Bow Making Connections Text to Text This reminds me of a movie I've seen Text to Self This reminds me of a time when I went to The Rocks in Sydney with my friend Text to Text When Abigail is in the old Sydney, she is so scared and confused. She must feel like Alice in Wonderland when she fell down the hole. Text to world This makes me think how
Sydney has grown into such a
big, busy city. It used to be a village. pic of me at opera house pic of me at opera house A girl called Abigail who hits her head, then when she wakes up, she finds herself in olden days Sydney. She explores the old city and meets lots of people. She learns how people lived before they had cars or electricity or technology or lots of buildings. This story is about... You need:
at least 3 slides (5 points)
insert text on each slide (5 points)
insert an image on each slide (5 points)
sequence the slides in a logical way (5 points)
To work with your partner cooperatively (listening, thanking, sharing) (6 points) Your Project Task:
To make an awesome Text Connections Prezi
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