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Quantum Level of an Atom

No description

KeithKathleen Milla

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Quantum Level of an Atom

OF AN ATOM People behind: atomic structure concept of definite energy levels BOHR's atomic model Bohr's model was later proven to be INCORRECT!!! Scientist found this model to be too simple insufficient to describe the more complex atoms Thus, scientists made another series of studies about atom Development of model was led by 3 physicists Louie de Broglie Erwin Schrodinger Werner Karl Heisenberg light can also be thought of as a particle proposed that electron can also be as a wave used of mathematical concept wave equation uncertainty principle quantum (wave) mechanical model Energy Level volume occupied by an electron Ground State Excited State Valence Shell lowest energy level or energy state energy state where the energy level becomes excited highest occupied energy level or electron shell CLOSED SHELL- obtained when the shell is completely filled with the assigned electron VALENCE ELECTRON- electrons occupying this shell ORBITAL region around the nucleus of an atom with the greatest probability of finding the electrons ELECTRON DENSITY MAP - the darker an area,
the greater the probability of finding an electron in the area BOUNDARY SURFACE DIAGRAM -the boundary surface encloses a region of space where the electrons may be found within a certain percentage of time MAIN ENERGY LEVEL -also called SHELLS -the one closest to the nucleus SUBLEVELS or SUBSHELLS -the same as the assigned number for the main energy - designed by letters: s, p, d, f, g s ORBITAL p ORBITAL d ORBITAL f ORBITAL (shape) (principal) (diffused) (fundamental) -spherical cloud that becomes less dense as the distance from the nucleus increases -dumbbell-shape cloud having two lobes on opposite sides of the nucleus -it is like a four leaf clover, as an hour and as a ring - difficult to represent and too complex to visualize among them ThankYou :D
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