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Cinderella with a twist...

M Wilkins

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Cinder

Created by Molly Wilkins Book by Marrisa Meyer Exposition: Awfully Photogenic Dr Erland... Presentation Queen Levana: Queen Levana is the Lunar ruler. Lunars are people who live on the moon who are just like humans on earth, only their feeling are different. Queen Levana is the antagonist and Tries to marry Kai so she gets Commonwealth, But Levana is a known murderer. She killed everyone in the line to become queen. Dr Erland: Erland is a doctor who is expermenting the plague on cyborgs, such as Cinder. Dr Erland helps Cinder discover her biggest secret yet. Ardi: Ardi is Cinder's wretched Step-mother. Ardi treats her like dirt because her father 'left' her this 'creature'. Peony: Peony is Cinder's step-sister. Peony is the only one who really cares about Cinder and treats her like a sibbling. Linh-Cinder: Cinder is a cyborg. Her father dead and living with her wretched stepmother, Cinder works as a mechanic with a secret even she doesn't know about. Kaito: Kai is a prince. He meets Cinder and Cinder immediately falls in love, but she doesn't admit it. Kai has black hair, and almost all single women in Commonwealth, New Beijing have a crush on him. Scarlet is the next in the series. It scared me a little when I read the book, because of the ending, and I didn't know it was a series.... Cinder's the protagonist Queen Levanna is the antagionist The End ;D Critic's Corner I give Cinder... Out of five stars Favorite Part My favorite part is when Cinder looses her foot(instead of her slipper) when she is running from Queen Levana Look at my wonderful masterpeice *sarcasm* The expostition starts when Kai goes to Cinder's mechanic booth and asks her to fix his andriod. This also introduces how it is in the future, the setting is Commonwealth, New Beijing, and there is a plague that is going around. The rising action is when Cinder had to go to the junkyard to find a hovercar part, and Peony gets the plauge. After Ardi got the message that Peony was ill, she sent Cinder to become a tester for a cure for the disease. With tests, they find out that Cinder is immune... and Lunar. after they send Cinder home, Ardi yells at her because she didn't die, and Peony did. So, Ardi takes the foot Cinder bought with her step-mothers money and keeps it until she can make the money back. Even though Cinder doesn't want to get in trouble, she goes to the ball, which her mother banned her from, she does anyway. Rising Action: The climax of the story is after the ball, when Queen Levana tries to kidnap Cinder for running away from the moon. She threatens Kaito that if she doesn't marry her or hand over Cinder, Levana will destroy Commonwealth. Queen Levana wants cinder so much because Cinder is the real heir of the Lunars. To gain her throne, she killed off all of the possible heirs, and when she set fire to princess Selene's crib, she didn't know that she had surrvived, and become a cyborg... and Selene IS Cinder... Climax: The falling action is when Cinder gets taken into custody by Levena. Doctor Erland visits her to do 'blood testing' on her, but tells her to escape, or she will die. Cinder has to save the Commonwealth from Levana. Falling Action: There really isn't a resolution, and it ends on a cliffhanger. After Cinder thinks about whether or not to exacpe it says that the earth will not be saved, for she will be a ghost. Resolution What I would change about the book would be stating that it was more in the future. As stated over there, I was confused about the whole plague thing. Other then that, I loved the book, and recomend it strongly Cinder was a great book. It had me hanging on the edge of my seat 'til the very end. The only part that was confusing was when it took place, because there was a plague, so when I hear plague, I think Renisance times Marrisa Meyer was born on on 19 Feb 1984. She is from Taccoma, Washington and before she wrote Cinder, she wrote for Sailormoon for five years. The series of Cinder consists of four books, and the second one, Scarlet, came out in febuary of this year. Meyer loves anime and fanfictions and she is an extreme 'geek' in her terms. Cinder is Meyer's first book. About Marrisa Meyer...
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