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Prezi Life Map

No description

Joy Gladys

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Life Map

Joy Gladys' Life Map
Goal 3: Record Demo.
During summer 2014, I will find times when the whole band is free to record.
Dream 1: Move into an apartment.
I would like to have a space of my own to live in while I save money for other things I want to do in my life.
Goal 2: Find someone willing to record us.
By summer 2014, we will find someone in Winnipeg who is willing to record a larger band for free or a low cost.
Dream 2: Help renovate my Mum's kitchen.
I think it is very important for people to give back to the most important people in their life.
Goal 1: Save money.
Determine and save half the approximate amount of money the renovation will cost based on what my mum wants, and the cost to install it.
Goal #2: Finalize choices.
Look for the cupboards and appliances Mum chose again to make sure it is still what she wants.
Goal 3: Install new cupboards and appliances.
Remove current cupboards and appliances and install new ones.
Goal 1: Save money for furniture.
Every month after I graduate from post-secondary school, I would like to put $400 into my savings account for 5 months. This will add up to a total of $2000 for furniture and kitchen supplies.
Goal 1: Write Music.
By the summer of 2014, we will write five or more songs for the demo.
Goal 2: Find apartment.
Every weekend for 5 months after I graduate post-secondary school, my mum and I will look online and in person for an apartment.
Goal 3: Move in and buy furniture.
During the 5th month after post-secondary school graduation, I will purchase furniture.
Dream 3: Record a Demo.
I think it is very important for musicians to reflect on their progress as they improve throughout their lives.
Kulmalukko 2013
FlickrLickr 2005
Tomwsulcer 2009
Bell, 2013
What things appear to be my focus or are important to me?
Family appears to be the main focus.
If I knew that all of the images on this Life Map would come in to my life, would I be OK with that?
Of course!
Who do I need to become in order to fulfill the intention on my Life Map?
In order to fulfill the intentions on my life map, I need to become more focused on getting an education to get a good job and practicing string bass more to become a more skilled musician.
Based on my Life Map, what quality will I commit to developing this year?
This year, I will become more motivated to save money.
What patterns do I see?
Saving money is a big part of my future.
What have I learned about myself from looking at my Life Map?
Doing this project made me realize how important savings are to me.
Does anything on my Life Map surprise me? Why or why not?
All three of my dreams surprised me.
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