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Immigration 1860-1910

No description

Javier Estrada

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Immigration 1860-1910

old immigration
New immigration
discrimination asians
Asian immigrants
Discrimination Europeans
The act that passed the limit of the asians was Chinese Exclusion act.
the group that was targeted was the chinese.The act was passed the chinese limit
the new immigrants came from southern or eastern Europe.these immigrants were not very skilled.They were also short and dark and they were different than the old immigrants
many asian immigrants came to the united states.they helped us with transcontinental railroad.
By:Javier Estrada
Immigration 1860-1910
came from northern or western Europe and were protestant.they were very skilled.
America's first European settlers also were America's first immigrants. In some cases, they were welcomed by Native Americans, and in other cases, they were seen as a threat. By the 19th century, the pattern had been repeated many times.
the immigrants that came to united states in the late 19th
century and the immigrants that came in the early 20th century were different from the predominantly protestant

Migration within the United States
The group who migrated from the south to the west were the African Americans. the reason was they were considered a threat so they migrated the west. Some african Americans became soldiers. they were called Black Seminoles.
Migration within the united states
The group who migrated south to north was the african americans.this movement was called the great migration.
My immigrant ancestor
My dad was my immigrant ancestor. He came from San Luis Potosi. He came to USA because he needed a good paying job and it was too harsh in Mexico
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