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XYY Syndrome

No description

alyssa H.

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of XYY Syndrome

A genetic condition when a male is born
with an extra Y chromosome also known as
Jacob's Syndrome,XYY Karyotype and YY
boys with (XYY) usually are taller than the average male.
have trouble learning
have speech problems
physical differences such as weaker muscles and bones
delayed puberty
in older men there is fertility issues and low testosterone levels

Symptoms(in teen males)
How is this disease developed?
how is it inherited
treatments are Testosterone Replacement therapy (TRT) and Fertility treatment
TRT-helps older men sexual drive and energy levels or increase of muscle mass
Fertility-increases sexual drive: if a man wishes to conceive a child they should speak to their fertility specialist about under going intracytoplasmic sperm injections where the males sperm is removed from the testicle and inserted directly into a female egg
Treatment & Diagnosis
1 in every 1000 newborn boy is born with this disease
and every 5 out of 10 are born in the US
XYY is not common in just certain people any male could be born with this trait
How Common is it?
in 1976-77 there was a TV show called "XYY Man"
Famous people with XYY:GEORGE WASHINGTON
Famous people/tv shows/movies
XYY Syndrome
By Alyssa Hendrickson
What happens?
Does not have disease
Has Disease
XYY syndrome is a disease given through a random mix up during the making of a sperm cell
technically it is neither recessive or
XYY syndrome is not inheritable because it is a random chromosomal change during the forming of a sperm cell
Superstitions about XYY Disease
usually women who have given birth to males with this disease are worried it may happen again; but the chances of a second male child having it is very low
inability to grow facial hair
attention difficulties
low energy levels
small penis
undersized testicles
behavioral issues
Hormone testing: is when your doctor requests a Sex Hormone Binding Globulin to test your testosterone levels to determine if they are too low
Chromosome Analysis: is when pairs of a chromosome are isolated so that they can be visualized
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