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Show us an activity you enjoy doing. Tell us how you think it contributes to your personal and professional development?

Cesar EL-Khoury

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Photography

Hello! My name is Cesar El-Khoury and would like to share with you my favorite activity:
Why and How it all started?
Since I was very young, I used to spend a lot of time at my uncle's office, who owns well-known local magazines. I was fascinated by all these photographers who handled professional cameras and shot stunning photos. I kept asking them questions, slowly learning about photography and they always were happy to explain to me. In 2007, I bought my first camera and began applying what I had previously learned. Since that time, I fell in love with photography and expanded both my techniques and equipment.
The Equipment
The Techniques
Through out several years of practice, I have learned and mastered many photographic techniques:
- Portrait
- Landscape
- Action sports
- Wildlife
- Astrophotography
- Panorama
- Travel
In the next slides, I will show you a few samples of each, which I have all personally shot.

Portrait photography tries to capture and convey people's personality, emotions and moods.
Waiting for the perfect moment to capture the beauty of nature!
The challenge is as fast as the action itself!
Action Sports
Blending with nature as one to secretly get a glimpse of the animal kingdom.
By combining several pictures, a very wide angle of view can be created resulting in a panorama.
Roaming around the world to explore it in a new perspective.
How does photography contribute to my personal and professional development?
It strengthens friendships as we frequently organize shooting trips with fellow photographers
It enhances my reaction and thinking time to get a good shot as some moments only last for a second.
Since some photos require hours of wait for the perfect shot, it raises my patience and perseverance.
A photo creates an implicit bond between people. It enables me to meet new people and discover different cultures through my viewfinder.
It helps me maintain a constant contact with nature and find peace away from daily life's stress.
My current main camera is a Canon 450D. It is supplemented by several short and long focal lenses, external flash, lens filters, remote triggers and many other accessories.
Up, up, up and away! Astrophotography requires careful preparation to track and shoot the best photos of astronomical objects.
A photo of my equipment
Faraya, Lebanon
Faraya, Lebanon
Nahr Ibrahim, Lebanon
Beirut Airport, Lebanon
Batroun, Lebanon
Hammana Hill Climb, Lebanon
Cataluña Formula 1, Spain
Mzaar Snow Drift, Lebanon
Abu Dhabi Formula 1, UAE
Partially Obscured
Full Moon
Andromeda M31
Betchay, Lebanon
Circuit de Catalunya, Spain
Camp Nou, Spain
Faraya, Lebanon
Port Vell, Spain
Barcelona Spain
Wadi Rum Jordan
Giza, Egypt
Petra, Jordan
How does photography contribute to my personal and professional development?
Since I bought my first camera, I gradually expanded my knowledge about photography, learned from my mistakes and refined my techniques. Almost 30,000 pictures later, I still enjoy the sound of my shutter and eagerly look forward to the next opportunity where I can capture new moments.
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