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on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of PROJECT


Nathaly moreno
I am going to take a picture whit my mother too next the Eiffel Tower. In the next days we are going to visit the Arch of Triumph,also we are going to eat in the best restaurant of Paris.then i am going to go The Versalles Palace, here they are going to explain us all about the France Monarchy and its relics. We are going to admire its beatifull land scapes while i drive on the roads, at the end of the week i am going to take a flight to España, here my mom she is going to buy some gifts to the family, and then we are going to take a flight to Bogotá Colombia.
My future plan
my past vacations
The next day, wake up so early, made the breakfast to my grandparents, while they went to milk the cows.
in the evening i went with my grandmother to took down orange of a bigger tree to made a juice.Then i rode a horse, while visited my cousins...
on last vacation, i visited my grandparents in a town named La Palma. here was a raining a lot for these days.
when arrived to the house, my grandmother gave me a bib hug, then greet to my pet Boyaco that is a pretty dog.
in the same day whit my grandfather go to the gave eat the cattle, the pinks and some hens.
in the night then we ate the dinner and we went to sleep.
I stayed only three days with my grandparents, but it was wonderful.

for my next vacations i am going to travel to Paris Francia, here i am going to visit the Louvre museum and i will see the wonderful picture of the Monalisa.
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