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Being a Catechist is a Vocation

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Thuy Huong Nguyen

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Being a Catechist is a Vocation

Being a Catechist is a

The Love of God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and of Christ's Church, Our Holy Father, and God's holy people.
Being an authentic witness of the love of God
No knowledge, natural talent or charm as a catechist can replace a true love for God.
Christ is calling you and the Holy Spirit is pouring out the graces you need to be the light of the world.
Let us ask the Lord that we may all be men and women who keep the memory of God alive in ourselves, and are able to awaken it in the hearts of others. AMEN
Growing as
a Catechist
Who are Catechists?
They are people who keep the memory of God alive, they keep it alive in themselves and they are able to revive it in others. This is something beautiful: to remember God, like the Virgin Mary...
Like the Virgin Mary who sees God's wondrous works in her life but doesn't think about honor, prestige or wealth; she doesn't become self-absorbed. Instead, after receiving the message of the angel and conceiving the Son of God
What does she do? She sets out, she goes to assist her elderly kinswoman Elizabeth.
"My soul magnifies the Lord....For he has looked on the lowliness of his servant... His mercy is from generation to generation."

This canticle of Mary also contains the remembrance of her personal history.
"This is true too for each one of us and for every Christian: Faith contains our own memory of God's history with us, the memory of our encountering God who always takes the first step, who creates, saves and transforms us."
is remembrance of his word which warms our heart, and of his saving work which gives life, purifies us, cares for and nourishes us."
A Catechist is ..
A Christian who puts this remembrance at the service of proclamation, not to be important, not to talk about himself or herself, but to talk about God, about his love, and his fidelity
A Christian who speaks and transmits all that God has revealed, i.e. the teaching of Christ and His Church in its totality, neither adding nor subtracting anything.
Catechists are men and women of the
memory of God
if they have a constant, living relationship with him and in him;

if they are men and women of
, who see others as brothers and sisters;

if they are men and women of
endurance and perseverance
, able to face difficulties, trials, and failures with
serenity and hope in the Lord

If they are
, capable of
A coherence and authenticity of life
That is characterized by their faithful practice of the faith in a spirit of
courage, and joy
The true mark of a disciple is an authentic and genuine witness of life.
Personal prayer and dedication to the evangelizing mission of the Church

Personal prayer is foundational in our spiritual lives.

Through your personal encounter with God, you will be able to draw your students into a deeper faith.
Missionary Zeal
Catechist is fully convinced of the truth of the Catholic faith and enthusiastically proclaim it.
Active participation in local community, especially by attendance at Sunday Eucharist
The Sunday Liturgy is at the heart and center of the Christian life
Devotion to Mary and the Most Holy Eucharist
Mary is the first disciple and the model of catechists

The Most Holy Eucharist is the source of nourishment for catechists.

Look at the saints, all of them had devotion to Mary and the Hoy Eucharist
Six characteristics of a successful catechist
The National Directory of Catechesis (Art.6)
+Let's pray for the grace to witness these virtues in your life.
We ought to catechize our students with this in mind- that we are helping them know and experience God's plan of salvation for them
the Spirit within

In Christian Faith, God's Spirit is revealed as the Holy Spirit,
Jesus promised that He would send God's Holy Spirit on the disciples to continue as their Teacher

"The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything, and remind you of all that I have said to you." John 14:26
The Spirit within is always our primary teacher
Trust the Spirit Within
We need to teach in ways that allow the Spirit to work that prompt learners to draw upon the Spirit within them.
1. Find ways to engage the learners' very souls and to have them listen to themselves and to their own depths.

2. Ask questions and use activities that invite learners to reflect, recall, and question. This encourages learners to recognize that the Spirit works through their own minds and hearts.

3. Share faith stories and use images. This is where the Spirit moves most readily.

5. Invite learners to make decisions about living their faith, allowing the Spirit within them to guide them
4. Encourage learners "to look and see for themselves"
confident that the Spirit will inspire them
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