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No description

ricardo ferm

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Unleashed

“The commodity most precious in the 21st century, more valuable even than iron ore, is knowledge.”

“Economic activity directly related to the internet contributed $50 billion to the Australian economy in 2010, but the indirect effects are just as important. These effects aren’t captured in GDP figures but they’re worth an extra $80 billion a year.”

Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Digital Economy Forum, 5 October 2012)
http://www.pm.gov.au/press-office/opening-remarks-digital-economy-forum Letter containing list of published data by Agency
Identify Data Sets you might want used in "Unleashed"
Set a prize to ensure engagement Invitation to Agencies Published SA Government Data Sets Found: 84
State Govt Data Sets that have “CC BY” Mark: 16
Of those, Data Sets Currently Up-to-date: 7 Current Data Audit Reportable contribution to Digital Economy and Open Data
“More with Less” – applications developed that agencies can’t afford to create or maintain
See first hand what is done with your data
Engage with the community to find out what data they want/need
Let the community know what problems you need to solve What’s in it for my Agency? Swipe over timeline of 304,000 images
Magnify if required
http://www.govhack.org/2012/06/02/pictureswipe/ Picture Swipe 55, 845 weather observations – single picture
153 Years of daily temperature data from Sydney
Shows Climate change over that time
http://www.govhack.org/2012/06/03/3d-data-on-a-mesh/ 3D Data on a Mesh What is "Unleashed" @GovHack (re-cap)
Relevance to DESG
3 Samples of Last Year’s Results
"Unleashed" 2013 Update
What’s in it for my Agency?
Invitation to Agencies
What do I need to do to get my data used? Agenda Adelaide 2013 Answer questions in the letter
Let data.sa.gov.au know
Format data into something consumable (csv, xml)
Creative Common / AusGoal Your Data Set
Update the Data Set at least once before June
Sponsor a prize?
Volunteers / Data Mentors What do I need to do to get my data used? Needs to be published somewhere on the internet
Must be licensed with Creative Commons (CC BY) - so people can create derivative works
Needs to be in a consumable format (csv, xml)
Needs to be up-to-date Data for Unleashed
(and open data in general) Date set for June 1,2
Organising Committee and sub committees formed
Sponsorship / Prizes / Funding / Judges
Event (venue, staffing, volunteers, speakers)
Communications (Media / Marketing)
Stakeholders / Participants engaged
Draft Communications Plan Completed
Initial Data Audit Completed Unleashed 2013 Update App combining data from data.gov.au
Find relevant things in a particular location anywhere around Australia
Free in App Store NOW
https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/wotsgoingon/id449451018?mt=8 WotsGoingOn DESG to “maximise opportunities in the digital economy”

"Unleashed" showcases these opportunities for everyone “The economic and social value of public sector information is enhanced when it is made available for reuse on open licensing terms.

The default condition should be the Creative Commons BY standard, as recommended in the Intellectual Property Principles for Australian Government Agencies that apply to agencies subject to the Financial and Management Accountability Act 1997. Additional guidance on selecting an appropriate licence is given in the Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework (AusGOAL). ”

Open PSI Principle 6,
Federal Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
http://www.oaic.gov.au/publications/reports/open_psi_principle_to_practice_february2013.html#_Toc348534300 Prime Minister Julia Gillard by Troy Constable Photography
http://www.flickr.com/photos/mystifyme07/4881796497/ "Unleashed" Relevance to DESG 48 hours
Government Data
A venue with good WiFi, Coffee and food
Geeks and Entrepreneurs
Combine Local & National Prizes
Amazing outcomes, possibilities What is "Unleashed"? 40 Entries at the end of 2 days

Here are some samples: Last Year's Competition Data.sa.gov.au (4)
SA Memory (SLSA)*
South Australian Photographs (SLSA)*
South Australian Sheet Music (SLSA)*
Adelaide Metro GTFS (DPTI)*

Data.gov.au (10 – Not including National data for SA)
National Parks & Asset Locations (DEWNR)
SA Boat Ramp Locator (DPTI)
SA Recreational Boating Hazards (DPTI)
Herpetology Collection (SA Museum)
Ichthyology Collection (SA Museum)
Mammalogy Collection (SA Museum)
Terrestrial Invertebrate Collection (SA Museum)
SA Road Crash Statistics (SAPOL)*
State Herbarium of SA (DEWNR)
TAFE SA Campus Locations (DFEEST)

Dpti.sa.gov.au (2)
SA Gazetteer (DPTI) *
Suburb Boundaries (DPTI)* SA: CC Marked Data Sets Unleashed - in association with the national GovHack initiative @GovHack
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