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Fredy Castro

on 22 January 2013

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3 Years Strategic HR strategy Reasons behind good sustainability
practices: Corporate social responsibility Human Resources Organizational Overview Location specific advantages
Hamburg - Germany Baosteel Europe •Cross-cultural training
•Germany, English and Chinese language training programs
•Strong “performance appraisal” system
•Clearly defined Repatriation policy of Expatriates:
•Family’s reentry program
•Developed Performance appraisal system which incorporates:
Foreign Service Premiums
Housing, education and cost of living allowances
Increased benefits
360 degree performance review
•Flexible work structure
•Expatriate Community • Good image as a sustainable and socially responsible company
• Regulations and standards on energy conservation and environmental protection
• Improve production technologies.
• waste reduction, reuse and recycling increases efficiency and saves money
• Internal corporate social practices build positive work atmosphere and increase employees’ moral as well as workforce efficiency. •Annual sustainability report since 2005.
•Social projects
•Baosteel Education Fund
•0.2 % out of its net profit is donated Ana Maria Sanchez
Fredy Castro
Semural Hesenov
Ravi Rao Scope of Business. Favorable legal environment for operating business.
Geographic advantages - Direct access to shipping routes.
World class technology and workforce.
Cultural aspects - Sister city. The European subsidiary of Shanghai based global steel production company.
Wholly state-owned enterprise
3rd largest steel maker in the world Trading of:

Metallurgic - raw material.
Steel products.
Machinery parts and equipment.
Engineering. Position on Global 500: Revenue: $48.916.000.000

2004----------------372 Net Profit $1.867.000.000
2011----------------197 Entering Foreign market:

How choose the location
How managed its entry into Europe.

Human Resources practice.
Corporate Social responsibility CSR Agenda •Friendly work environment
•Integrity, teamwork and loyalty
•A Geocentric staffing policy
•Strong training and development
•Excellent Compensation and career opportunities
•Well-organized mentoring system
•Increased communication between managers and subordinates Other Possible
Locations: London
Lisbon Summary and Conclusions: Secret of success

Close relationship with local city Government and media, Focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility.
Successful HR practice.
relationship with other European big “players’
Never been a typical Chinese company
Best quality and reliability, punctual delivery and service
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