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Girl Scouts on Wheels

A presentation by bicycling advocate Katie Monroe for the National Women's Bicycling Forum, 3/3/2014.

Katie Monroe

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Girl Scouts on Wheels

Girl Scouts on Wheels
a Women Bike PHL program
at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
How did it start?
Ohiopyle, PA, 2008: Troop 492
Women Bike PHL
Case #1:
Girl Scouts at Penn
Case #2:
Laura's Troop
Case #3:
Amy's Troop
41,000 girls!
Leverage existing network:
The Curriculum:
1. Know your bike.
2. Safety skills.
3. Map it out.
4. Get rolling.
5. A world of biking.
Share several models for implementing a Girl Scouts on Wheels Program
Empower other communities to try it!
Customize based on age & location!
Steal this idea!
Explore bicycle careers
Learn about bike orgs
Research biking elsewhere
"Making riding a bicycle more fun and feasible for Philadelphia women of all ages and backgrounds."
Stand Up & Get Fit
1-day event
Partners: NBW, GS@Penn
Volunteers from WBPHL
Used BCGP bikes
Laura = enthusiastic & knowledgeable cyclist
Shared resources: stickers, Safe Routes workbooks, etc.
Used their own bikes
Troop earned it on their own!
Amy = interested, but needed help
Mini-rodeo & ride with Katie (their own bikes)
Planned and executed longer ride on their own
Katie came to Troop mtg. to present patches
Girl Scouts on Wheels
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