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Jack Frost

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Science

science Work Sample
Braiden Holyoak
An Apple tree
An apple tree is connected to life science because it is a living organism. It's a living organism because it needs food, it can grow, reproduce, and respond to it's environment. It has all the characteristics of life.
A pig is related to life science because it is a animal. An animal is a living organism. A pig is made up of cellular organization. It can also grow, maintain homeostasis, reproduce, and respond to their environment. It demonstrates all the characteristics of life.
Medicine is related to life science because it can help some organisms, such as people or animals, overcome a sickness or an injury. Scientists can also study a variety of medicines in order to discover new ways to help prevent or cure various diseases and illnesses which afflict different forms of life.
A microscope is associated with life science because scientists use a microscope to see living things that can not be seen by the human eye. With a microscope scientists observe things like cells, germs, or bacteria.
Death is connected to life science because when there is life there is also death. Death is part of the process of life. It is the end of all functions of an organism. As some organisms die they decompose and are used for nutrience to keep other organisms alive.

The Desert
The desert is related to life science because it is a habitat for many living organisms that live there. For example, roadrunners, lizards, snakes, and many plants live and grow in the desert. The desert affects the growth and the response to environment of these organisms.
These are examples related to life science I found around my home and at our ranch.
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