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Building the tallest tower without it falling

javin williams

on 13 December 2012

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Materials *LEGO bricks.
*one large flat LEGO plate.
*metric ruler.
*3 ring binder.
*4 small rubber balls.
*2 large rubber bands. Procedures 1. Cut the front and back covers off of the binder.
2.Place the two binder covers on top of one another.
3.Tie the two together by stretching a rubber band around each end,about a inch from the edge of the boards.
4.Insert the rubber balls between the boards at each corner,placing them about 5 cm in front of the edges.
5.The shake table should now be assembled as shown in this diagram. 6.Attach a large flat LEGO mounting plate to the top of your shake table by slipping it underneath the rubber bands,This will be where you mount your structures to the shake table.
7.Build a series of LEGO towers of increasing height.You should use the same base pattern for each tower,so that the size of the towers footprint does not change and only the height will be differnt.
8.Measure the height of each tower in centimeters with the measuring stick.Write the height of each tower in a data table.
9.To test each tower ,place it in the center of the top surface of the shake table.Then you will pull the top layer of the shake table out of alignment and then let it go to create a lateral shaking movement. (2) Procedures Abstract Skyscrapers are impressive structures.what does it take to design a building so tall?Engineers use strong materials and innovative design to push the limits of gravity .In this experiment I used lego components,rubber balls,and a 3 ring binder. In this experiment i will make a homemade shake table to test if the height of the building will affect its stabilty.This relates to tall buildings staying up in case of world disasters such as hurricanes earthquakes and tornado's. Objective (3) Procedures 10.The distance that you pull the top layer is called the "Displacement" and you should writethis in your data table.Use a ruler to measure how far you have pulled the top layer out of alignment before you let go.
11.Test each tower with increasing "Displacement" values until you find out when the tower will fall.
12.Compare your results.Did all of the towers fall at the same "Displacement" values or were there diffrences?Did tall towers have different values than short towers? Table(Results) Conclusion After I have colected my data and performed my experiment.The taller the building the more likley it is to fall and the shoter the building the sturdier. My hypothesis is that the taller the building the more likely it is to fall,while the shorter the building the more sturdier.
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