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nestle Ecommerce

No description

Zonja Burger

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of nestle Ecommerce

Nestle Proposal Aramex
Aramex Background
Setting, Managing and Exceeding
Delivery Expectation
Order Processing time
Delivery Option chosen
Delivery Destination
Service provider measurement
Leading global solutions provider
Customer centric divisions
Technology and Human capital

About Aramex
334 offices in 59 countries

Worldwide coverage through Global Distribution Alliance (Founder)

Over 13,000 employees from 84 nationalities

Logistics facilities, strategically located and technologically connected

Serving over 60,000 customers worldwide

Listed on the Dubai Financial Stock Exchange

Aramex Capability

Third Party Logistics (3PL)
Value Added Services
Price Tagging
Placing Inserts
Kitting and Gifting
Serialized Tracking

Logistics Capabilities

Inventory Management
Automated Reporting
Backorders & Returns

53 staff member
427 000 gift Packs
3 Months Completion

OptiLog Features

Serial number capturing and reporting
Flexible reporting tool
Expiry date rotation
Batch number handling
Reorder level and quantity notifications
RF scanners capabilities
Real-time inventory monitoring
3PL invoicing module


Online updates
Easy access and user friendly
Creating and tracking orders
Tracking items with their serials and/or serial ranges and view items history
Generating reports in different formats
Tracking and trace (express and domestic)

Aramex Portal

Aramex’s web portal (www.aramex.com) which enables the customer to track and trace their shipments,
view inventory balances, run inventory reports,
update transactions on the WMS and perform item inquiries

Supply chain services – Technology

OptiLog – Aramex warehouse management system

In-house developed
Online software
Highly customizable to fit all different logistical needs
Covers all warehouse operations and inventory management functions
Rich reporting package
Integrated with RF scanners
EDI capability
Global view of multiple warehouses
Online portal for viewing inventory levels & transactions in real time
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