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Helping Students Prepare for Class: A New Look at a Familiar Issue

No description

Marta Magnuson

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Helping Students Prepare for Class: A New Look at a Familiar Issue

Video Use existing videos Why Try Blended Learning? Spend Less Time Grading Why a New Look? Information (content) is increasingly accessible from numerous digital sources

Students are accustomed to accessing information with technology

Institutions seeking to demonstrate the value of classroom-based (vs. online)delivery, thus more emphasis on active learning and interaction with the professor during class Discussion Forums & Online Quizzes Types of discussion: It doesn't have to be a traditional quiz !

+ muddiest point
+ one-minute paper
+ word journal
+ student generated exam questions Online Writing and Research Tools Google Sites Marta Magnuson & Dennis Munk, February 2013 Helping Students Prepare for Class:
A New Look at a Familiar Issue Spend more time in class
doing what you love Increase one-on-one time Communicate more effectively Give students more opportunities to practice Build a community Create effective group work Create your own videos Films on Demand & Overdrive http://www.youtube.com/education YouTube Education Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/ Prepare and Motivate Students to Do the Readings TED http://www.ted.com/ 25 Education Video Sites http://www.refseek.com/directory/educational_videos.html Library databases Camtasia
iPads - iMovie & Tripod
iMovie & Windows Movie Maker
YouTube LIS can help you get started! https://sites.google.com/a/carthage.edu/edu272-example/creating-videos eRacer provides online quizzes; many of which can be automatically graded.
Formats include: T/F, multiple choice, matching, ordering, short answer, and essay Understanding why students don’t complete reading assignments Many were successful in middle/high school without reading before class
Experience suggests that class is conducted the same (e.g., lecture) whether or not they have done the reading
Not sure why they are reading or how they are supposed to use the information
College texts are challenging -reading requires persistence and is not enjoyable Example: EDUC 2720-Classroom Management (D. Munk) Problem: Example: EDUC 2720-Classroom Management(D.Munk) Reading Activities Suggested Sources Angelo, T. A., & Cross, K. P. (1993). Classroom assessment techniques: A handbook for college teachers. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.
Bowen, J. A. (2012). Teaching naked: How moving technology out of your college classroom will improve student learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass
Nilson, L.B. (2010). Teaching at it’s best: A research –based resource for college instructors (3rd ed.)(pp. 211-222). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Tucker, C. R. (2012). Blended learning in grades 4-12: Leveraging the power of technology to create student-centered classrooms. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Corwin. Have clear purpose for readings- how will content be used in class or for assignments
Assign reading activities- questions, response papers, graphic organizer
Teach reading strategy- e.g., “3R-read-recite-review”
Do not lecture over the same material
Make it count- preparing for class should affect grade
Instructor reinforced not reading by lecturing over same content
Attempts at more active learning in class fell short because some students were not prepared
Quality of projects completed outside of class was inconsistent and instructor was forced to hold many meetings outside of class
Instructor had underestimated what students could learn on their own Making it Count Reading/viewing questions to complete before class
Blend of defining in own words, application, synthesis, generate questions
Must be word-processed and then corrected, enhanced, or confirmed through discussion and exercises
Variety of activities requiring use of responses to questions Responses are collected and evaluated on 3-point rubric
Counts as 20% of course grade
Responses are then used to complete larger assignments
Have experimented with quizzes over reading questions Others that you use? Tips Keep it short: 5-15 minute chunks Create an activity to enhance the video experience - Quiz or Discussion Forum Add text of video as well as audio Use video as a tool to introduce a topic, explain a complicated theory/process, or highlight the important aspects of an assigned reading Reaction posts
Guest speaker
Role playing
Case studies
Sharing research
Textbook ?s Show students how to post and reply (Albert!)
Tell them how much they need to post and how often
Give due dates for initial posts AND replies
Provide an example post
Make it clear if they need to refer to outside sources (textbook, articles, etc.)
Mention proper conduct/civility
Explain how you will grade their posts More information on discussions
can be found here: http://prezi.com/xt3etorxxp0c/edit/#15_5042605 Create a website or wiki
Share with everyone or no one
Add text AND media
Easily monitor student progress Blogger Easily monitor student progress
Leave comments
View post dates
No need to lug around student papers
Students can see the progression of their writing
Easy to search and refer back Write about: lectures readings ideas for papers questions drafts outlines Social Bookmarking Diigo and delicous
Students and instructor can easily share and comment on web resources
Have students find, share, and summarize web content related to course topics
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