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Waste management

No description

goku kakarot

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Waste management

Tokyo Waste Management
The Present
-how is the city dealing with waste?
-how has the city dealt with waste?
-what were some problems and solutions that emerged?

-about 400 years ago Tokyo dumped their garbage in Tokyo Bay
- people used tatami mats and when there were too many, they'd be recycled
Internet Research

-before the 1960s, Tokyo's trash was placed in street containers
- then collectors would load the trash into hand carts and then they'd carry the carts over to an incineration plant
-when the 1964 Olympics were announced to be held in Tokyo, the city decided to modernise its waste management into what it is now
-what are some problems and solution that they are using?
- right now, garbage trucks go around Tokyo, picking up trash. The trash is driven to an incineration plant, where the trash is burned. It is then piled up in layers of garbage and mud at Tokyo Bay

- nearby residents of Tokyo complained about bad smells and too many loud noises, and that there were toxic emissions escaping from the plant.

-solution: The main incineration plant, the Toshima plant, built huge 210 m high pillars on top of the incineration plant to let smoke and emissions escape high above the houses and buildings of Tokyo

-noise suppression devices were built so no one would complain or protest anymore

- the incinerated trash heat is used to heat up swimming pools
Internet Research
-waste is collected in 4 different classes:
Packaging and paper Combustible trash
Non-combustible trash Bulky waste

-a special plant is used for turning waste that's burned from incinerators that will turn the ash into a slag. This slag is used for making useful things such as a sub-base for a road.

-non-recyclable plastics are taken to Tokyo Bay and buried there. The space is running out fast though, and it was predicted that within 30 years the space for burying will be full. To avoid this from happening, non-recyclable plastic is now burned instead of buried.
The Past
Future Outlook
-what might occur with the city's waste in the future?
-what effects will there be on the ecosystem?
- there will be alot more garbage
-there might be no more room for Tokyo to put its trash
-Tokyo will pile up with trash
- Tokyo will fill up with trash and
will have to move its trash
somewhere else
What can I do to stop the Earth from continuing to be a landfill?
Zohraan- I can use both sides of a paper instead of only using one side.
Toronto Waste Management
-in Toronto, garbage trucks pick up curbside trash from houses on your local area’s schedule. Each week the content that is picked up changes(cycles between garbage and recycling).

-compost materials are picked up every week (food scraps). Yard waste is picked up depending on your local area’s yard waste collection pickup schedule.

-there are also drop-off depots where you can dispose of hazardous waste, electronic waste, renovation waste, leaf and yard waste, unused tires, scrap metal, and blue bin trash.

-garbage is not recycled, so it goes into a landfill. The city also collects electronics for recycling or so that they can be thrown out.
Comparison between Toronto and Tokyo
Collects e-waste
Uses fish parts to make soap, pet food, and margarine
Has drop-off depots
Styrofoam is shipped off to South Asia
Areeb- I can buy aluminum cans instead of juice boxes
Ketan- I can reuse the parts of broken elctronics
-There might be no more space in tokyo
bay to dump their trash.
You can get free compost at
leaf compost depots
Tokyo dumps
most of its ash
into Tokyo Bay
Harish - I can borrow stuff from people instead of buying it.
Toronto has bins which they put their garbage in
Keshor- I'll start using a reusable water bottle instead of using a bunch of plastic water bottles
Tokyo Bay Landfill
The process
Trash is incinerated at an incineration plant.
The ash, along with waste that can't be burned, is taken to the Chubo landfill in Tokyo bay.
When the waste is dumped, there is a way that they make land out of it.
3 metres of trash is dumped, then 50 metres of earth, and then 3 metres of trash, until it reaches the point where the landfill is complete.
The End
By: Zohraan, Ketan, Keshor, Shyan, Harish, and Areeb
- there might even be a chang in
theology which would make it
esar to recycle or into energy
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