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modified physical education program

Sharon D'Errico

on 13 November 2012

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King City Secondary School nemaline myopathy
Duchenne muscular dystrophy WHICH STUDENTS ARE WE TARGETING? Students with physical disabilities

Any student on the Autism Spectrum

Students with medical conditions

In the end, any student that we feel could benefit from an alternative program but, our physical abilities are... Students sat down with the teacher and stated what they believed to be achievable goals Teacher had the final decision Students would then schedule their days/weeks to meet these goals A reflection was due every Monday morning. This was written by the students to help keep track of their goal settings and outlined any areas that needed improvement lets get started! creating a "Mii" Wii Sport Wii Bowling Wii Golf Wii Baseball Wii Tennis Wii Boxing Wii Fit Cardio (running, hoola hoops, boxing etc.)
Balance Control (ski jump, water raft etc.)
Yoga (great stretches for cool down and warm-up)
Personal Trainers
Calorie Counts
Personal Goals
Work at your own pace Wii Resort SkyDiving

Ping Pong


Mountain Biking

And many more Builds our confidence
Develops our social skills
We work at our own pace & level of ability
We achieve goals that we set for ourselves what inclusivity gives us... Because we
all belong... We want all students in York Region with disabilities like us to understand that they have as much of an opportunity as everybody else to achieve a Physical Education credit
We want to encourage other schools around the region to launch programs such as this one to motivate and encourage students to participate in physical activities
We want to emphasize the importance of believing in your students and to work with them to reach their goals To someone who is not involved in education, we understand that this might just look like kids playing video games. And they are trying to figure out what that has to do with a successful education. IN CONCLUSION... our response... “We may not be able to play on sports teams, like our friends. We may not be able to just drop everything and go for a bike ride when we want to. We may never be able to train for a marathon or use the weight room after school. However, for one hour a day, all of the difficulties that we have to encounter during every moment of every day of our lives is gone.

For that gym period, we see ourselves as ATHLETES!” our physical disabilities are: We don't usually need an introduction, but here it is... WINTER OLYMPICS Wii SPORT UNIT assessment of our
physical development •Each Sport will be worth 20% of the final Unit mark (4 sports x 20%)

•We keep track of our own scores and have our teacher initial and respond to our progress. •The other 20 percent of this unit will be achieved by collecting medals in the training category

•Each Sport has three sections where you earn a medal

•Students must try to win medals in all 12 sections NHL 2K10 •Gives us the chance to have some fun while learning about the business side of sports
•We play together on the same team and must develop strong team work in order to win hockey games •The students choose one team to play with.
•They are completely in charge of making it a winning team!
•However, the salary cap is in full effect to keep students from “stacking” their teams We use a Wii Hockey Stick so that we get the same experience passing and shooting, as if we were playing on the ice. •The students must fill out a sheet in the “hockey binder” at the end of each day.
•It is more of a journal keeping track of their transactions and their record MARIO CART IT EXERCISES OUR ARMS AND DEVELOPS OUR HAND-EYE COORDINATION...AND IT GIVES US AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE A FRIENDLY competition...LIKE IN regular GYM CLASSES •We started this Unit during the 2010 Winter Olympics

•Bobsledding, Cross Country Skiing,Downhill Skiing, Figure Skating, Luge, and more...

•we competed in 5 World Cup Circuits consisting of 5 different sports for each circuit

•The final part of the unit was a one day Olympic Competition where we chose our top 5 sports and competed one final time.

• we competed against ourselves, not each other! our physical disabilities are:
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