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Untitled Prezi

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Luca Guglielmi

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

1 IN 5
it makes people more productive and improves the economy
hard to take the first step
hard to get out of your weekend habits
hard to find meaningful events
I changed, you can change, we can change.
We refined idea based on market research
Interviewed more than 20 people all of which loved the idea:
- focus on meaningful activities
- narrow it to 4 options per week
- no sponsored events
Registered customer
‘I left my last job in February; I wish this app had been around then’,
Female customer near Old Street Roundabout
Potential partner

We would be delighted to work with Weekend Change’
Doug Morrison, Founder, MARDI, 6W2X
First customers and partners already on board
- 8 out of 9 Londoners we spoke to signed up
- 5 partners on board since yesterday
- first newsletter went out earlier today
The market of “life improvers” is huge and engaged
"...we've found there is a huge demand for people wanting to do something different in the world today.
The pain point is huge and its not just in london either."

Dom Jackman, Founder, Escape the City

- We expect 6 digit user base within 12 month
young, aspiring professionals
middle aged professionals

- Customer acquisition:
Facebook install: ~1 GBP;
referral conversion: ~5 GBP

- User revenue per year based on our partners paying us commission: ~11 GBP

By end of 2013 (6 months):
- Revenue per month ~36k GBP
- User base expected to grow to ~40k
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