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Interpreting Identity

RID 2013

Dylan Geil

on 23 October 2016

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Transcript of Interpreting Identity

Dylan Geil &
Stephanie Feyne

Voice Matters:
Interpreting/Performing Identity

-What is our M.O.?
Interpreting Identity

-Go ahead and create their story?
Two Goals:
What is a single story you have created?
A Single Story...
What is a single story that has been told about you?
Identity--For Real
Raised Christian
Graduate Student
Science! Facts! Truth!
Authenticating Identity
(*) identity is the product rather than the source of linguistic and other semiotic practices and therefore is a social and cultural rather than primarily internal psychological phenomenon

(*) identities are relationally constructed through several, often overlapping, aspects of the relationship between self and other, including similarity/difference, genuineness/artifice and authority/delegitimacy

(*) identity may be in part intentional, in part habitual and
less than fully conscious, in part an outcome of interactional negotiation, in
part a construct of others’ perceptions and representations, and in part an
outcome of larger ideological processes and structures.
--Make it Snappy!
Time for a pick me up...
My Research
Prelim Results
1."Lost all authority"
2."Frat boy"
4."Is he gay?"
"...when you translate you're not expressing yourself. You're performing a technical stunt. I realized that the translator and the actor had to have the same kind of talent. What they both do is to take something of somebody else's and put it over as if it were their own."
Performing Identity
I'm just the interpreter...
Wrap it up...
Identities are socially constructed
We have spatio-temporal relationships to identity
We participate in constructing others identities
Listeners perceive these identities

Bucholtz & Hall, 2005. "Identity and interaction: a sociocultural linguistic approach"

Jones & McEwen, 2000. "A Conceptual Model of Multiple Dimensions of Identity"

Venuti, 2008. The Translator's Invisibility.
1.To develop awareness and understanding of the fact that interpreters work not only with language, but also with identity.

2. To recognize that the language we choose in our interpretations affects
how people are perceived.

Dylan's take: Interpreters’ perceptions of consumers influence interpreted product
Stephanie's take: Interpreter product influences consumers’ perceptions of the participants and the interaction
It's all about you!
1. Partner Up
2. How do you think you come across?
3. Take notes
4. Share your experience
So What...
What are the ramifications of our own voice while we're interpreting?

What is the impact on the Deaf person? On the listener?
Evaluations of Knowledge
of Deaf lecturer

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