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No description

Mohannad Mohamad

on 10 March 2014

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1-definition of internet addiction
2-some causes of internet usage
3- signs of internet addiction
4- negatives &solutions critically
5-General solutions
6-Treatment Strategies For Pathological Internet Use

so why people use the internet ?!
1- to express feelings and Freedom of expression
2-for the organizations, to tell customers their activities
3- finding jobs
4- outing from daily routine
5-For researchers to communicate
here are some of them :
1. desire for spending all time.
2. drawl symptoms like anxiety.
3. neglecting study.
4. being non social.
5. gaining weight and losing fitness.
hey can you search for me about the signs of internet addiction?!!
Treatment Strategies For Pathological Internet Use:

1. make the internet the second not the first priority.
2. adjust the alarm in order to mange time.
3. Doing activities as reading books and practicing sports.
4. Personal Inventory.
5. using internet for community development.
6. make it a way for achievement not only entertainment.

brought to you by the people of
2014 all rights reserved
according to website ALEXa.com
the most five visited websites are:
great .. thank you hun <3
are you addicted to the internet ?
check this test out ..

dr. kimberly yuong is the First
psychologist who gives the
definition to internet addiction saying:

spending more than 38 hours
weekly is an addiction.
great video about internet addiction :)
A SCIENTIFIC definition
did you know that ?!
critically here are some internet
addiction negatives and their
possible solution
1-waste of time
a- following sons and daughters in studying.
B-student awareness of internet negatives
c-sessions in schools for time management
2-affecting eyes
a-A cup of tea next to computer absorbs much rays.
b-wearing medical glasses to decrease rays
c-eyes rest every 30 minutes
d-water drinking for protection against drought
E-open and shutting eyes continuously

3-Isolation from the external and internal word specially family
1-reduce the time spent.
2-trips and intramural sports and seminars.

1- school behavior reduces on using the internet for wasting time
1- searching for Scholastic information.
2- team work with friends.
3- discuss important topics and search for solutions.
4. using as a study aid.

General solutions
1-using internet for community development.
2-doing it to know the world news in all fields.
3-make it a way for achievement not only entertainment.
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