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The Rebellion of Guy Montag

No description

Adam Dawson

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Rebellion of Guy Montag

The Government Guy's Rebellion Fahrenheit 451 Burn all books Work for the government Guy Montag Fire Fighter Fire Fighters Maintains the law The Law All books are forbidden Married Curious about books Finds a book on the job Begins to read it Becomes very fascinated by books Guy's change in attitude Begins to obsess over books Openly reads in front of his wife and friends Rebellious fire grows within Rebellion Begins Captain discovers his new interest Orders him to burn them Kills him Punishment Rebellions Aftermath City Perishes Everything he once knew gone However is happy Finally finding his solidarity Unhappy Begins to neglect the law Government chases and eventually banishes him from city Gets Nuked The End
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