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Nike prezi

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c seifert

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Nike prezi

NIKE Marketing Good things Nike does Connor seifert Bad things about Nike Sweatshops - Factories in Vietnam and China; they pay people about $1/day; They are made to work 16 hours/day in some Nike factories; Not good safety- injuries and exposed to carcinogens ( things that cause cancer)
Wealth of Nike executives- very extremely wealthy and could pay the poor workers in factories alot more Money and products Nike is worth 10.7 billion dollars

Nike also owns Hurley, Converse, Jordan and other brands. It makes shoes, skateboards, balls, including golf balls, sports accessories, and clothes.

Its one of the worlds most popular sports shoe makers. About Nike Nike is named after the Greek Goddess of victory.
The Nike "swoosh" is representing the wings on her shoes and is one of the worlds most recognizable trademarks.

Nike is owned by mark Parker and Phil knight. It is a public which means it is traded on the stock market and owned by lots of people. Sponsorship,they sponsor Ronaldo for $US8million,
Neymar for $US1million and a golfer Rory Mcllroy
$US250million over 10 years/25 million a year
Brand recognition- the nike sign is even recognised by 3 year olds.
Advertising- Nike spends more on advertising than any other sports company. It spends alot more on advertsing than it does on making and researching it shoes. Nike Grind program- recycling the shoes. They use the rubber on the bottom to make soccer courts and running tracks. It takes 75,000 pairs of shoes to make a soccer court. The foam part of the sole is recycled to make basket ball courts.
Schools in poor areas in Oregon having Nike funding for learning programs as well as sports.
Some improvements in how they look after workers overseas the last years. We like Nike shoes because they look cool, feel good to play in, and good for showing off to other people.

Our favourite soccer players wear them.
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