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Functional Group Project

No description

Ashley Diaz

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Functional Group Project

Sulfhydryl Group
What is a Functional Group?
When an 'R' is used along with the 'S' and 'H' in sulfhydryl, it shows that a specific type is being referred to.
What is Sulfhydryl Used For?

This group is made of a sulfur atom bonded to a hydrogen atom (-SH). It forms two covalent bonds and help stabilize proteins. The (R-) You see below is a side chain that has a carbon and a hydrogen atom attached to the rest to the molecule.

Sulfur kind of smells like rotten eggs, because of the thiols present they give off a strong order. So now what is a thiol? A thiol is any molecule that has an -SH group. R-S-H is a thiol. There are different kind of thiols such as simple and complex.
Why is it Important?
Sulfhydryl groups play an important role in the neutralization of organic compounds and the reduction of peroxides;
The textbook definition of a functional group is "a group of atoms responsible for the characteristic reactions of a particular compound" So what does that mean? Basically, in a functional group atoms are identical or different, and there are independent or semi-independent. Functional groups help us understand chemical reactions of organic compounds.
So What Is Sulfhydryl?
In protein structures, the sulfhydryl helps to bind polypeptide chains.
One example of a sulfhydryl compound is ethanethiol. Ethanethiol is a colorless gas that's commonly known as 'mercaptan.' Its scent is said to resemble that of rotting cabbage. It's used in jet fuels, pesticides, and plastics.
This Stuff Smells!!!
How to Distinguish Sulfhydryl from Other Functional Groups!
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