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American Food Vs. Japanese Food

No description

Dalton Beed

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of American Food Vs. Japanese Food

American Food
Japanese Food American Food A typical american diet is consisted of a lot of meat, poultry, and processed foods high in salt and sugars. Americans also consume large amounts of dairy products. American Food Nutritional Facts- Americans eat lots of foods that have lots of calories and sugars in them. Because of this Americans have an increased chance of getting diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Japanese Food Japanese food consists of a lot of fish, rice, and vegetables. Japanese people eat twice as much fish as Americans do. They also eat some fast food like pizza, cheese burgers, and breads. Japanese Food Nutritional Facts- Japanese food is very healthy for you because they tend to eat small portions. They also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. They also eat some fast food high in sugars and salts. Similarities The similarities of the two types of food are that they both have fast food involved and both types of people eat fruits and vegetables. Differences There is a lot different between these types of food. The Japanese have a very healthy diet while the American diet isn't as healthy. They are also different in how much they eat Japanese people eat very little and Americans eat a lot.
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