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zainab khalil

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of UJHYGB

OBJECTIVES OF THE RESEARCH 1. Investigate the current status of M-Government Services in Kingdom of Bahrain.

2. Investigate Youth Access to the E-Government services.

3. Examine the factors that influence Youth Acceptance of M-Government Services in Kingdom of Bahrain.

4. Investigate the M-services needs of Youth at Kingdom of Bahrain. CONTENTS Objectives of the research
Literature Review
Methods used
Conclusion and Future work University of Bahrain
College of Information Technology
Department of Information Systems M-Government:
An Investigation of Youth Adoption in Kingdom of Bahrain LITERATURE REVIEW RESEARCH METHODOLOGY

Reem Ali Abdulla Sahwan 20081454
Nafeesa Abdulla Rajulla 20080958
Zainab Khalil Ebrahim 20061640

Supervised by: Dr. Hayat Ali Kushchu (2003) defined E-Government as “the conventional Government services made available for citizens through electronic means such as telephone, digital television and internet connected computers and other devices". E-Government Definition M-Government Definition M-Government is “ a strategy and its implementation involving the utilization of all kinds of wireless and mobile technology, services, applications and devices for improving benefits to the parties involved in E-Government including citizens, businesses and all Government units". Benefits of M-Government Benefits to Government:

1- M-Government increases the productivity of public service staff.

2- By reducing time and effort in the term of communication.

3- M-Government enable green environment that results from the reduction of paper use.

Benefits to citizens:

1- Mobile devices are very important in citizens’ daily lives; that facilitates the easiness and accessibility. By using M-Government they can make payments, communicate with other parties in the society.

2- M-Government offers to citizen the health and public safety by receiving m- health support and medical alert.

Benefit to organization:

1- M-Government establish new virtual department that is not required for staff to be in their location everyday to present their work.

2- M-Government create a flatter organization that enhance knowledge sharing Challenges of M-Government E-Government in Kingdom of Bahrain
Government Authority was established on 23rd May 2007, scheduled to run over 3 years to provide direction and decision to develop and implement a comprehensive E-Government strategy.

As a result of that strategy, the Kingdom of Bahrain has been the leading country over the Gulf countries region (E-Gov authority, 2012).

With this thought, the Kingdom of Bahrain start its first E-Government vision covering the period 2007-2010 to bring more the people closer to the Government. And the second vision was for the year 2016. Service Channels They have many channels to deliver services to public through :

1. E-Government Portal
2. Mobile Gateway
3. National Contact Center
4. E-Service s Centers and E-Kiosks Achievements of M-Government in Kingdom of Bahrain M-Government in Bahrain Moreover, there are three types of M-services which are: SMS, WAP, (which provide 50 services), and applications (one application per service).
- Won the World Summit Award (WSA) - Mobile Content for the M-Government and participation category.
The Kingdom of Bahrain E-Government had known as the first of its type in the area to offer many Governmental services over the WAP and SMS available in Arabic and English (E-Gov authority, 2012). Rank of E-Government
The Kingdom of Bahrain according to United Nation E-Government readiness report 2012 , ranked as 36 globally 6 at Asia level. Interview with specialized team in M-Government in the E-Government authority on July 2012 was held in order to investigate the current status of M-Government in Kingdom of Bahrain. Workshop with a sample of 28 students at University of Bahrain to be familiar with the M-Services available in M-Government portal, and then ask them about the services they would like to be provide in the portal as well as about their access to E-Government website. Face to Face question Youth Access to E-Government website as well as their M-services’ needs were distributed in a face-to-face mode. Questionnaire was employed to measure the factors that influence M-Government acceptance by Youth.

The questionnaire was intended to collect the needed information according to the model will be mention in later. Questionnaire Analysis and Discussion Measure of Youth acceptance of M-Government Factors influencing M-Government acceptance First Regression Dependent Factor: Independent factors: SI, SQ, PU, ATT, CS, PC, PTT, PTG and PR BI
•H13: Perceived compatibility has a significant effect on behavioral intention to use M-Government service (=0.328 p<0.005). that more compatible was more convinced to the potential adopter; therefore, its adoption could be accelerated. New M-Government services should be seamlessly integrated into citizen transaction without requiring extraneous steps, equipment and training
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