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No description

on 29 November 2016

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I can trace how societies resulted from
historical events.
I can analyze how the history of societies
impacts them today.
I can create and answer questions about
geographic locations.
I can identify and describe traits of culture.
So what is
a tributary and
a basin?
What does it mean- "lungs of the earth"?
So deforestation simply means what?
This week you will be preparing, then discussing the future of the Amazon Rainforest.

Over the next couple of days you will
work on preparing to defend a specific group's stance.
These are the groups:
You will be defending
the following proposals:
Rubber tapping...
Cool, but then
again not...
Ranching, economics-
The following videos
will give information
that pertains to the various
groups you will be representing.
An Overview of the Amazon
Rainforest & Debate

And now for some fun!
Sing along!!!
The rainforest in
Peru, for tourists...
Parts of the rainforest
An Overview of the Amazon
Rainforest & Debate
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