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Resume Workshop

By Ruhi and Lauren

Ruhi Behal

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Resume Workshop

Presented by:
Ruhi Behal

How to Create a Unique and Professional Resume
A resume is a summary of your achievements and employment experiences. It is a marketing tool to portray your talents and sell your future employer on the benefits that you will bring to the organization.
Are you lost or confused with your resume? Have you never had a job before?
What Font Do I Pick?
Preparing the Resume
Useful Tips:
Some things to Remember
Employers are looking for a track record of achievement so you MUST distinguish yourself from those who may have had the same assigned job responsibilities as you did but performed poorly.

If your work experience is minimal, consider a skills resume in which you emphasize your particular abilities such as organizing, programming, or leadership skills.
The font you choose can communicate a lot about your professionalism and your intentions.
eg. If you are an accountant you probably want to stick to a conventional font. On the other hand, if you are a graphic designer you can be a little more adventurous in your font.
Something to Keep in Mind
Where To Start:
Pick a font type and size to use for your resume.
Determine the format (Bullets, bold/underlined).
How to organize your resume with columns
and tables.
What information is relevant
Achievements to date
Educational background
Work experience
Special abilities and interests
Tailor your resume to the job
for which you are applying.
What to Focus on:
Career Goal : Engineer/Design and Manufacturing
Reliable, diligent undergraduate student seeking an intern position in the industry. Offering hands-on design and manufacturing skills gained through experience as part of CAD/CAM training, job experience and undergraduate studies.
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY (Expected Graduation – May 2014)
Major: Engineering Science with a double specialization in
(i) Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
(ii) Engineering Management.
Minors: Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering
RESIDENTIAL OPERATIONS, Campus Residences, Stony Brook
Assistant Project Manager, August 2012 to Present
- Measure and design floor plans for the various resident buildings using AutoCAD;
- Work with the dispatch team to manage construction sites and make up to date progress reports;
- Research current trends in design and submit to supervisor for review.
PREZI INC, San Francisco, California
Prezi U Ambassador, September 2012 to Present
- Create and execute a marketing plan for Prezi on campus.
- Hold social media and viral marketing campaigns, promoting Prezi contests and events and conduct campus market research.
- Submit a detailed report at the end of each week to the assigned University Evangelist.
THE FACULTY CENTER, TLT, Stony Brook University
Digital Media Assistant and ePortfolio Consultant, January 2012 to Present
- Maintain a model showcase and career ePortfolio with various multimedia forms of display and reflection.
- Work on marketing and promotional plan with ePortfolio Project Manager.
- Work with image manipulation and other multimedia formats.
- Third position in Information and Technology Studies Design Expo 2010
- Stony Brook University ePortfolio of the year, Showcase ePortfolio and Spotlight ePortfolio.
- Stony Brook University International Student Ambassador 2012
- Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.
- Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant Intern for The Faculty Center at Stony Brook University.
Your resume should be the same font for the entirety of it.
You can change the style and size of the font for certain sections!
When stating your name at the top of the resume, you can use a font size of 16-18 and bolded.
For contact information you can use a font size of 14 and not bolded.
For heading sections, you can choose to bold/underline the heading and use a font size of 14.
The majority of your resume should overall be a 11-12 sized font.
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