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Finding Credible Internet Sources

No description

Alexandra Walocha

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Finding Credible Internet Sources

Finding Credible Internet Sources
Good enough
to be
What does
credible mean?


able to be believed
to trust
Writing an informative essay requires a lot of preparation and research. Books are the most reliable type of source, and internet sources are okay too... but they have to be
Who wrote the webpage / article? Are they credible? Do they give citations or
references to credible authors or websites that they have used in their material?
What type of domain is the website? An educational — edu website can be written by
any student with space on their college’s server. It does not mean the website and or
information contained within the website is factual or even credible.
Finally, ask yourself:
Is this as good a resource as I could find in the library or through a library database
(remember the library’s sources have been screened by librarians)?
What is the date on the website or article you are looking at? i.e. how old is the information you are looking at? Is it current? Is it frequently updated?

Your local library offers TONS of credible online resources (if you have a library card!)
Use online scholarly databases
Google or Bing are good places to begin your internet search.
Start with a simple search.
Where to Start
Is it documented with footnotes or links? That is, does the author of the website or
article cite credible sources within their work or point you to credible sources via URLs,
Things to avoid
Websites like
Wikipedia, Wikihow, Yahoo! Answers
pull their content from other places, but do not properly check their authors’ credentials. Therefore, they are
considered credible sources of information.
I found an internet source! How do I know if it is credible?
Evaluating a website's credibility
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