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When Mr. Pirzada came to dine

No description

Aryan Faghihi

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of When Mr. Pirzada came to dine

Background History
Summary plot
Background History
When Mr. Pirzada came to dine
By Jhumpa Lahiri
What will be covered?
India independence day (15 August 1947)
India-Pakistan partition
East-Pakistan -> Bangladesh
East Pakistan
Autumn 1971
In North Boston, USA
Mr. Pirzada from Dacca, East Pakistan (not anymore)
Mr. Pirzada is in USA (sabbatical)
Mr. Pirzada’s family in Dacca (three-story house)
Lilia’s family from India (Calcutta)
Lilia is born in USA
Lilia's parents
Mr. Pirzada
Mrs. Kenyon
10 years old
Substitute daughter for Mr. Pirzada
Symbol of love
Learns more about Mr. Pirzada (vice-versa)
Want to know more about India
Narrator of the story
First generation American of Indian descent

Presented By: Aryan and Gary
Lilia's parents
Lilia's father:
Thinks about his country (misses)
“Indian” socially (traditional)
Encourages Lilia to learn more about India
Lilia's mother:
Proud of her daughter being in USA
Kind and compassionate
Mr. Pirzada
Muslim from Dacca, East-Pakistan
Kind, nice and generous
Like a father for Lilia
Professor in a university in Dacca
His wife and seven daughters are in Dacca
He is physically in USA, but spiritually in Dacca
Curious about American customs
His watch:
was set to Dacca time
symbol of colonial past “very English”
His country is changing
We can not stop the time.
Well, unless we could run faster than
300,000,000 m/s!
Being Indian in America
Mr. Pirzada and Lilia’s family
Mr. Pirzada and Lilia (specifically)
Lilia and Dora
Being Indian in America
Lilia’s family were born in Calcutta. (living in USA)
They retain Indian traditions, culture and food. (p.25)
They also celebrate American festivals. (p.36)
Lilia learns to be empathetic to Mr. Pirzada’s family. (p.32, 39)
“She prays that Mr. Pirzada’s family was safe and sound.” (p.32)
Mr. Pirzada is also empathetic to Lilia. (everyone) (p.37)
Summary plot
It is autumn 1971 in Boston, the narrator is Lilia. She is a ten-year old girl from an Indian background

Lilia was born in Boston, her parent in Calcutta

A man comes to dine at the Lilia's house regularly.
His name is Mr. Pirzada.
He is a university teacher in Dacca. he was granted to come to USA to study foliage of New England
He is now separated from his family, a wife and seven daughters.
Mr. Pirzada and Lilia's parents watch the news on TV and worry about the future there

he is not Indian anymore,
Country divided into Hindus and Muslims. (India and Bangladesh)

Mr. Pirzada is busy and returns to Dacca. He finds his family
Mr. Pirzada's daughters all have a name starting with the letter "A"
Interesting fact:
Lilia participates in Halloween. Lilia tells more about the Halloween to Mr. Pirzada.
He writes a letter, mentioning he survived with his family. Lilia misses him. She understands what it is to miss someone.
India and Pakistan move closer to begin the war
Mr. Pirzada stops coming to their house. He worries about his family in Dacca.
Any Questions?
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