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Human Library @GWC

No description

Emi Kawasaki

on 4 December 2018

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Transcript of Human Library @GWC

A small group of Readers "checks out" a Human Book and engages in conversation.

In 2000 the first Human Library was held by a youth organization, “Stop The Violence” in Denmark.

“The Human Library is an innovative method designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and encourage understanding.”

MAP of Human Libraries
What is a Human Library?
Human Books
Unpaid volunteers
Ordinary people
Subjected to stereotyping or bias
Open and prepared to share their experiences
Chosen to be a representative of a certain group

GateWay Community College
Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix, Arizona
A Maricopa Community College

Committee Chairs
Emi Kawasaki
- Faculty Librarian
Christine Kilbridge

- Faculty Librarian
Beth Malapanes

- Faculty Librarian
GateWay's Demographics 2014-2015
5,950 (2,678 FTSE)
- Fall 2014
Average age - 29
Over 125 Certificate and Associate Degree Programs
54% in Occupational Programs
37% Caucasian
35% Hispanic
12% African American
5% American Indian
4% Asian
7 % Other
Photos by Carlos Samano
GateWay Community College

Photos and Feedback

Click on any

to take you to the website.
Click on any picture to
for a better look or use the mouse wheel.
We hope you enjoy our presentation.

Changes we made for 2015
Human Library went very well, and there weren't too many glitches.
I'm glad to know how it's supposed to work now
, so that I can allocate time and plan for including it more efficiently next time.
Yes, I'm very much hoping you can do this program again, and
make it a part of our expected culture

Students really liked the event. They liked being able to meet and talk to interesting people and people who had met challenges in their lives. They liked being able to get to
a level of deeper conversation
and dialogue in a way that shorter introductions and chats would not allow for. 
Now that I know what it's like I can include it in my communication curriculum as part of the "Listening" curriculum, and specifically I can include it
in the dialogue section
. Thank you all so much for getting this wonderful event started on our campus ------------------------------------------------------------------
I thought the Human Library event was very beneficial.  I am looking forward to hearing from my students about their impressions, and may receive extra credit reviews from some who attended.  Thank you for all your hard work organizing the event.  I like the t-shirt too! ------------------------------------------------------------------
I have received
nothing but positive feedback
from the students involved, they really appreciated this opportunity.  The papers they submitted based on their experience were impressive, they described some
significant changes in perspective as a result
.  This is something that I would like students to participate in for future semesters.
Feedback from Faculty
Any questions or comments?

Please email us:

Emi Kawasaki - kawasaki@gatewaycc.edu

Beth Malapanes - beth.malapanes@gatewaycc.edu

Call us at GateWay Community College 602-286-8458.

Thank you for taking the time to view our presentation.
GWCC's first HL was held in April 2014 during Genocide Awareness Week

21 Human Books
including our college president
170 Readers
14 Instructors brought their classes.
Students/Staff/Faculty Volunteers
Funded (optional) by Maricopa Community College District
What's Your Stereotype?

How to Organize HL
Step 4 Student Orientation
Schedule classes to come into the library
a week to 10 days before the event
for a 15 minute Human Library overview.

It's important to
prepare the students
for the event. They were shown a few minutes of this video during the orientation.
Step 5 Logistics - Event Volunteers
Step 5 Logistics cont.
the event with
Know your
campus policies
Policies for visitors/volunteers on campus
Risk management forms (to identify potential risks and possible impacts to the college) Volunteer Form
Photo Release Form

Room booking and set up
Reserve a large room that will contain a majority of the human books
Reserve smaller rooms for Best Sellers
Step 5 Logistics
Evaluation 2014
Your Age: ____ Your Gender: Male Female

Title of the Book you borrowed: ________________________________________

Circle Which Best Applies:
How much did you like the idea of the Human Library? (low) 1..2..3..4..5 (high)

How did you like the selection of the Books and stereotypes presented in the catalogue? (not impressed) 1..2..3..4..5 (impressed)


Have you learned anything new in reading a Book from the Human Library?


Would you like to recommend any new Books to be presented in our catalog?


Use one word or short phrase to sum up your experience today


Step 6 The Day of the Event
Students (readers) arrive on the day of the event to their scheduled time slot. Readers check-in and are introduced to their books.

Students (readers) who did not pre-register via Bookeo will go to On Site Registration.

Readers engage with their book for 45 minutes and are given
an evaluation form
to complete at the end of the experience.
Step 1: Form a Team
Recruit Human Books through personal, school-related, and community connections
Maintain a Human Book registration and information
Communicate expectations with Books
Recruit faculty to include HL
in the curriculum
Set up
Bookeo https://www.bookeo.com/
Online registration system ($40/mo)
Schedule classes for brief overview and reader registration
Budget - Optional
$0 will do the job!
Risk Management
Any legal liability forms
Volunteer agreements
Specific to each institution
Human Book Recruiter
Faculty Liaison & Reader Registration
Step 2: Recruit Faculty
After some reflection, here are a few changes we made between 2014 and 2015.

Had more volunteers
were available on the day of the event to provide directions.
Changed the evaluation
to gather more quantifiable data about how the event has affected student awareness about stereotyping. We added a
pre-evaluation question
about this so we could document a change in their awareness from before and after the event. We removed any questions that had the option of just "Yes or "No."
Ordered less food
to avoid waste.
Changed the committee structure
to make it smaller. In retrospect, this was not a productive change.

Hello, Human Library and Peers> I enjoyed the human library and it was overall
a great learning experience.
Thank You!
I loved the human library it was
great knowing about someones other life!
I learned so much wish it could have been longer! Excellent job Gateway
I really like the presentation given by president of Gateway community college, it was very exciting to hear his educational path. maybe for some of us it is the first time to be in this kind of experience. For me I have been in a very hardship situation for couple years concerning my education path, I hope even though he grown up in USA, and
his personal history is different his path will help me to pursue my education in the future
Well-organized, great idea. I encouraged my coworkers to attend and I'm glad I did as well. Thank you!
Thank you for a great morning! Wonderful conversations!
it was an amazing experience. I love the volunteering work and hearing some of the most remarkable stories. I really really really enjoy and love this experience THANK YOU GATEWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THIS AMAZING JOURNEY!!!!
hello i think what you did was amazing and you should continue doing it. i really enjoyed it . thanks for your time and sharing amazing story with us.

Readers' Feedback from Bookeo
Present at department/division meetings
For the best results, ask faculty to make the HL
a required part
of the curriculum and include it in syllabi
Speak to
targeted faculty individually
Step 2 Recruit Faculty
ENG 101/102
-Essays and/or presentations about prejudice

-Journals, Harvard Implicit Association Test
- Fiction or documentary films
- Interview skills, interpersonal skills, public speaking
- Cross cultural understanding
-First hand experiences
Others -
Service Learning

There is a teacher handbook with ideas for faculty. Please email
if you would like a copy.
Co-Curricular Examples
Step 3: Recruit Human Books
Best Sellers
High interest
Each Best Seller will have his/her own room that seats up to 20 readers
Human Books
3-5 readers at a table
Multiple Books (20-25) in a larger space such as a multi-purpose room
Two Types of Human Books
Orientation Video for Human Books
Step 4 Student Orientation
Following the video, the rules were explained :

1. The Reader must leave the Book in place in the same mental and physical condition as borrowed. It is forbidden to cause damage to the Book, or hurt her or his dignity in any other way. The Reader is responsible for preserving the condition of the Book.

2. The Reader accepts the fact that the Book can quit the conversation if she or he feels that the Reader treats her or him in an inappropriate manner or hurts her or his dignity.

3. The Reader acknowledges that librarians (volunteers) will be on hand to maintain and care for the Book’s well-being.

4. The Reader agrees to participate in follow-up surveys and other means of contact regarding this learning experience.

We had a group discussion covering any questions they had. Teachers could have students prepare a list of questions in advance.

Step 4 Student Orientation cont.
(Optional - the event could be done without a budget)

Our budget was $1,500 and was used for
for volunteers to make them more identifiable for any questions. T-shirts were also given to Human Books.
was provided for all books and volunteers. Due to the emotional nature of the discussions, books appreciate having something to eat after the event.
One time purchase of
able top stands
for numbering tables making books easier to find in a large room.
Name badges
for volunteers and books. Book name badges included a first name only.

Event Volunteers
Check in Human Books (sign release forms) and readers
Guide books and readers to the assigned tables
Walk around to support event participants while sharing emotional content
Encourage or redirect conversation if needed
Review Human Library rules before each session
Encourage readers to fill out and submit event evaluations
Best Seller Introductions
Each best seller will have a volunteer introduce them to the larger group
Step 6 The Day of the Event
Books arrive 30 minutes before the start of the event and are shown to their tables or rooms, given their t-shirts, and advised on incidentals, i.e. restroom locations, etc.
Layout of Human Library
Posted on Screen in Multi-Purpose Room
How was your Human Book experience?
It was an amazing experience, I was very nervous at first to share some of my personal experience... but, after the session I realized
how amazing it was and how by me sharing my own story
, I was making a change and raising awareness on Prejudice.

I enjoyed it. I wish all 5 students would have attended.

I thought more people would ask questions but I think
they really just wanted to hear my story

I had a great experience. I had certain expectations coming into the event; some were fulfilled and some weren't, but it was all positive. I was expecting to experience new knowledge, but I did not anticipate how much. I was jarred by a couple questions in a way I did not expect.
They opened a new facet that I had not thought of and that was extremely powerful.

I found the experience delightful and very educational.
I actually learned more about prejudices related to "dis-ability" from my Readers
. For example, one Reader openly discussed how she felt as the mother of a developmentally disabled child. Another Reader discussed her feelings of guilt over her lack of communication with her recently injured and disabled sister. Overall, it was clear that most times our society does not consider the impact of prejudicial attitudes that family members must endure.

I communicated my story but I also would like to know the participants' stories.

Feedback from Human Books
GWCC's second HL was held in April 2015 during Genocide Awareness Week (Armenian Genocide)
26 Human Books including our college president
245 Readers:
44% increase
13 Instructors brought their classes
27 Students/Staff/Faculty Volunteers
Funded (optional) by GWCC International Education Committee
Sharing our experiences
Step 5 Logistics
Step 6 Day of Event
Overall GWC's Human Library was a great event and we received extremely positive feedback from our Human Books, readers, volunteers, instructors, and administration. It is now expected to be
a biannual event
as part of
Genocide Awareness Week
. We are hoping it will spread to other colleges.
How did your Readers treat you?

They were AMAZING!!! very quiet at first but after a few minutes they were all in it,
wanting to know more and sharing their own experience

With the most respect.

Only two females showed up and they were pretty nice. One was very attentive to what I was saying and the other would look around a couple of times. Made me feel like if i was boring her. She didn't ask many questions.

Very respectful, appropriately curious and very engaged.

My readers were respectful for the most part. I was a bit disappointed with readers who did not do the pre-work of reading the biographies beforehand. They did not understand the purpose of the event and took away from the experience for both of us.

All Readers were eager and motivated to discuss their issues with prejudices against persons with disability.

Everybody was very respectful.

Feedback cont.
Did you feel appreciated?
Very much so, I also felt cared for and loved.
Yes, it was a powerful experience.
Yes, absolutely.
Yes. Definitely. I also very much appreciated my readers.
Absolutely! The Readers and the Human Library staff were very appreciative. Thank you for such a well organized event.
Yes, all of them show interest and appreciation for my story.

2014 &2015 Results: https://goo.gl/zSmH6R
Gateway Day of Learning 1/2015
Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Virtual Conference 3/2015
Community College Humanities Association (CCHA) National Conference 11/2015
Arizona Library Association (AzLA) Annual Conference: 11/2015
We virtually assisted Tarrant County College Northwest Campus in Fort Worth, TX with setting up their first HL event on 11/11/15.
LOEX Lightening Talk 5/2016
National Diversity in Libraries Conference 8/2016

@ GateWay CC

Describe The Human Library method in order to implement the project at the participant’s institution.


Discover a new way to collaborate with faculty in order to build new relationships.


Design a Human Library project at the participant’s institution in order to promote tolerance and understanding.

is the online reservation system that costs $40 a month; however, the site does provide a one month free trial.

Include each book's title, bio, time slot, and how many readers they will have. Here are some book titles and their bios

does take a few hours to set up, but is well worth the time!

Video of how to set up

Here is a screen shot of what the students saw. They could click on the title, read about the book, see if any seats were open, and register.
Students choose a Human Book during their orientation using
(online reservation system). Ideally it should be a book they do not know much about.

After the event, we..
contacted teachers for feedback and sent rosters
sent thank you notes to books and volunteers
reviewed Bookeo feedback from students
tabulated evaluations
Recruiting Books
personal, school-related, and community connections
, identify and recruit interested parties
Work with Marketing and send school-wide and district-wide email
Use an online registration form such as Google Drive to organize and manage registration information
Communicate with Human Books with updates
Provide the link to the orientation video a few days prior to the event.
I had a great experience. I was able to learn about a heritage that is important to our history and culture. I greatly appreciate the people taking the time to share their experiences and
bringing an awareness that we'd otherwise overlook.

This will help so many student,
just to know that someone has experienced something in this life professionally or otherwise
. Great job Gateway, this was something very positive looking forward to the next one.

Very Inspiring, very heartwarming. I left feeling
a sense of hope and the willingness to tell my own story
. Blessing and many thanks to those involved. I look forward to next year.

I'm glad that I showed up to the human library, the book was
very educative
I learned a lot and I will recommend this book to anyone who is interested.

I truly enjoyed both of my reading experiences. I found them
enlightening and worth more in education and development than entertainment

I hope the school continues to proceed with this awareness in individuality and past history;
in helping more students and faculty understand life is not as simple as we all seem to think

Thank-you for the opportunity to participate in this
life changing and mind rejuvenating class

The only thing I thought could be different....if we could have brought a friend.
Viewing Prezi
2014 The Results
Q1. How much did you like the idea of the Human Library? (5 – best) -
The average of 4.85

Q2. How did you like the selection of Human Books and stereotypes presented? -
The average of 4.85

Q3. Have you learned anything new in reading a Human Book?
"Yes how stereotypes and ignorance affect society."
"Yes, just by talking and getting out of our ‘comfort zone’ we can relate to others.”
“Stereotyping is extremely unfair more than I've realized.”
“Everything is possible.”
“It makes me love people even more. I love doing these things.”
"Yes we have more in common than different."
"It gave me new insights into how to work with disabled people."
"Prejudice can be apparent in your own culture, not only others."
More Quantifiable Data
Bookeo Feedback cont.
Rating Overall 4.67 out of 5
Watch a video of Glendale Community College's Human Library on Oct. 23, 2013.
311 readers/participants (up 27% from 2015 and 83% from our first year 2014), 27 Human Books, 13 Faculty, and 27 Event Volunteers.
2016 John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Award
In recognition of the long tradition of excellence in community college teaching and leadership, the League established the John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards in 2012. These awards are open to League Board and Alliance member institutions to celebrate outstanding contributions and leadership by community college faculty and staff. Recipients are recognized in a series of activities and promotions, and honored at special events at the League's Innovations Conference each spring.
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