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Teen suicide

No description

maham rehman

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Teen suicide

Social Issues affecting youth Teen Suicide What is Teen Suicide? Signs: Events that may lead a teen to commit suicide include: Divorce or new family formation
Physical or sexual abuse
Moving to a different country or city
Emotional neglect
Breakup or fight with Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Deprecating remarks
Previous attempts at suicide
Bill C-300 Bill C-300 passed by parliament on Feb 15th, 2013
Bill calls for more awareness on suicide and for the government to establish a National Framework for suicide prevention
Framework includes
Provide guidelines to improve public awareness and knowledge about suicide
Making statistics publicly available regarding suicide and its related factors
Promote collaboration and knowledge exchange among survivors and teens
Define the best practises and promote use of research for the prevention of suicide Issues Portrayed in Novel Johnny considered suicide, as a result of abuse
Until dying from injuries did Johnny regret the action
Dally wanted to end his life seeing Johnny was the only thing Dally loved
Dally robbed a store and resisted arrest by pointing a gun Statistics and Prevalence in Today's Society Suicide is the second highest cause of death for youth aged 10-24 in Canada
Aboriginal,Inuit, Gay and Lesbian teens at high risk
Quebec had the highest suicide rate in the world,it is now ranked 5th
In Canada there is a 4:1 difference for males to females
1960, 1970 suicide rates in Canada rose and hit peak in the 1980's, then decreased during 1990's
Cyber suicide Change in behavior,eating and sleeping patterns
Giving away of valued possessions
Depression and hopelessness
Recent attempt or death of friend or family using suicide
Exposure to domestic violence/violent actions
Alcoholism or Substance abuse
Low self-esteem When a young person generally below the age of 24 deliberately ends their own life

Suicidal youth are in pain or seeking attention

Teen years are a period in life that is confusing

Suicide is often a process not an event Toronto Distress Centre Genral information
Distress Centres
Box 243, Adelaide P.O
Toronto, On M5C 2J4
Info@TorontoDistressCentre.com They will:
Since 1967
Provide face to face support and counselling to people dealing with the effects of suicide and homocide
416-408-HELP (4357)
Serve as a point of access for suicide prevention and intervention
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