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No description

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Hypnotised

On Bournemouth Waterfront - media and projection events.

Emailed Events Department at Bournemouth Council - write proposals, risk assessments and insurance cover in order to generate the cost of hiring.

Example of mini size pop up stage projection.

Performance of projection but on a larger scale.

Angles used are immersive and captivating.

30m by 70m and a height of 20m.
500 people.
Flash Mob - Live Performance
Live Projection
Social Networks
Print - Interactive Magazine
Ambition Vs Reality
Production Choices
Scope of the Project
A representation of our Flash Mob.

15 to 30 members that would all have logos as faces.

Actor would drop paper money that doubles up as promotional flyers for evening event.

On a average day, you will receive up to 3000 advertising messages subliminally.

Do you buy impulsively or logically?

Are you being #hypnotised by brands?
Brands bombard consumers.

Consumers spend beyond their means.

Over spending and bankruptcy are on the rise.

Target Audience - 16 - 35

Increase awareness and inform through new media.

Our Campaign reaches 7 cross platform extensions.

Stop Motion Animation.

Edgy, impactful and contemporary piece.

Challenges the audience to be more conscious of how brands can manipulate them.

Shot in a minimalistic way to conflict with high budget advertisements of today.
Radio Advert that is a sound version to our campaign video.

Montage of adverts and slogans captures the harassment that some adverts determine.

Broadcasted on radio stations in between adverts.

Controversial and challenging for the user.

Recognise our message deeper.
Free Game to be downloaded.

You start with £100.

Brand logos replicating obstacles.

Swipe left and right to dodge them.

Every hit from logo your money is deducted by £10 and a hypnotic illusion covers the whole screen for 5 seconds.

Making it more difficult to protect your balance.

Encouraged to play whilst TV adverts run to minimise any form of brainwashing.
The Hypnotised project utilises a number of media platforms strategically to target our desired market audience.

Production decisions and overall mood and appearance is consistent and effective.

Developed into a second phase with global reach.

Positive impact on people's purchasing decisions

Bring about change for the better.

Four social networks - to like, follow and share.

Updates of facts, videos, pictures, stories, competitions and public shares that show logical spending.

More videos and games will be created.

Subscribe, like, comment, share and follow.

9 page print magazine.

Clean and easier approach for our audience to receive message.

Individual cross platform that expresses the issue.

Neat, current and stylish approach to design.

Future developments to transform into a interactive magazine for ipad.
Ambitions created production work that was unrealistic.

Alter alot of our ideas for our creation.

Problems arose but used initiative to construct solutions.

Actor had personal issues and had to resign his role.

Our Flash Mob was meant to have 15+ members.

Bournemouth Council required significant notice.

Pop up scenes effect wasn't appealing enough.
Representations of executions.

Right budget, time and skill set.

Highlight and express how we would promote each concept that can be constantly enhanced.

Mock ups, representations, developments and their future.
Choices that diluted and intensified our project.

Music was 'trippy and sinister' to give a dark and disorientated mood.

Stop Motion Animation to add a jerky stutter sensation for uncomfortableness and confusion.

Hidden £2 coin in logo - using subliminal message and the idea of being hypnotised my money.

Flash Mob filmed in major shopping district thereby targeting our core demographic.

Radio Advert challenges listener when played in advert break.

Magazine that compiles all of our cross platform productions for fully informed and satisfied audience.
If to run Live, could develop our methods even further.

Global logo/brands - successfully shown in any country as its a universal issue.

Americanisation, capitalism, and materialism - broadcasted in China, Cuba, etc.

Sponsorship could be pitched for companies such as ad blocker and debt advisers.
Any questions?
The Issue
Adverts are constructed in a way to target consumers subliminally.

Institutions have criticises adverts before due to there specific choice of techniques.

Making adverts louder than the programme.

Advertisers target young teens due to being vulnerable.

We want to make people aware and conscious of this so they look at adverts in a different way.
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