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National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education NITLE

We help liberal arts colleges explore and implement digital technologies.

Christina Richison

on 27 January 2010

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Transcript of National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education NITLE

What is NITLE? NITLE helps liberal arts colleges explore and implement digital technologies. NITLE’s mission is
to catalyze innovation
to advance
liberal education
in the digital age. The problem that NITLE addresses... The ongoing and profound effects of the changes in technology can be seen on any college campus. Computing and communication
technologies have merged and become ubiquitous. Liberal arts colleges are challenged with the ability to keep up. Small, liberal arts colleges want to use the latest technologies to engage students and faculty; however, they face significant financial and human resource challenges in doing so. They know that technology has become an essential part of their educational experience inside and outside the classroom, but they struggle with what that portends. NITLE, pronounced “nightly,” stands for the
National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education. NITLE is a community-based,
non-profit initiative dedicated to helping
undergraduate-centered colleges, universities, and educational
organizations use technology effectively
to strengthen undergraduate
education. NITLE seeks to
encourage innovation
to advance liberal education. It is centrally concerned with the integration of technology into teaching and learning, strategic approaches to managing technology infrastructure on
small campuses, and the impact and implications of emerging technologies
for liberal education. The initiative provides programs and services that promote inter- and intrainstitutional collaboration and innovative uses of technology at small, undergraduate-centered, residential colleges and universities. NITLE is headquartered at Southwestern University,
a private liberal arts college in Georgetown, Texas. For more information, contact: Christina Richison,
Director, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
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