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Are uniforms better?


Sebastian Vargas

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Are uniforms better?

I don't know.
Sometimes uniforms are an issue, uniforms get so annoying because its all wrinkly and you have to iron them all. And you have to hang them not dry them. So if you count on wearing your favorite shirt... good luck its going to be damp.
Are uniforms better?
The problem?
Uniforms make people feel funny looking and I'm talking from experience. It is a nightmare, I would be in class moving around trying to get it unwrinkled. So I was that kid trying to get rid of the itch or stain or even the wrinkles.
Uniforms make you feel like your in prison... no I'm just kidding but were all wearing pretty much the same thing. In those schools you don't have any freedom to wear what you want. You need freedom but not that much calm down.
Trying to act out...
Sometimes if you want to look different from other people, good luck. Because if your all wearing the same thing. Or either you get a wide selection from shirts, and you end up wearing the same thing as some one else.
Or some times they make fun of you, but wait aren't they wearing the same thing. Yes this is true all the time. Sometimes these people are idiots... or they never make sense because they look exactly like you (because of uniforms).
Are uniforms better?
No I think there the absolute worst. Nobody usually wants to wear the most annoying wrinkly pants or shirts. They're a waste of time (in my opinion). Because you have to iron them in the morning and it's tiring.
Paxton: No, because you have to wash them every night.
Karishma: No, because they are the absolute worst.
Mr.Hara: No, because uniforms shows don't there own personality.
Isaiah: No, because its itchy and you could get stained and there all day.
Kaleb S: No, because kids should be able to where appropriate clothing and not a uniform.
Kaleb A: No, because it shows our personality and it may be against some culters.
Luis: No, because uniforms are more expensive.
Erica: No, because people should be able to express themselves.
Evie: No, because people show who they are by how they dress. It counts as freedom of speech.
Camille: No because you can't express of who you are by wearing a uniform.
Tyria: No, cause we wont be able to express ourselves.
Sophia: Yes, because everyone will be wearing the same thing so there will be less bullying
Really you want this...
These are there own words...I think?
taken from google
pictures taken from google without permission or from the photo library.
got my information mr hara's weebly page @ chrishara.weebly.com.
From there i went on the page he linked and found what I wanted.
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