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The Civil War Era

No description

Steven Do

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of The Civil War Era

The Civil War Era
Basic Facts of the Civil War
During 1861-1865, Northern States were having war against Southern States

The war was fought over

Because of Slavery, 11 states left the
to form the
Confederate States of America
Dress Code in the 1800s
Architecture in the 1800s
Music in the 1800s
Music in the 1800s were mostly marching music

Songs were influential and made citizens proud to be American

The music calms the soul of the citizens

Music went positive influence during the civil war making us fight for our land from invaders
Economical/Social Influential Impacts
Black men rushed to volunteer for service with the union forces.

In the North and the South, the war forced women into public

Confederate sympathize generator have understood the importance of getting the civil war wrong

Slavery was occurring globally and people in the North wanted it banned
The famous "Blackface!" was famous for it's dialect, music, and exaggerated stereotypes.

"Blackface!" were performed by white people with a black face.

The actors would act out how they believe black people act

Jim Crow, a famous actor of the Blackface! show, played as a carefree slave.








Southern women wore 7 Layers of cloth daily
Shoes: Leather boots and slippers
Northern women just dressed with a fichu and a chemises
Men, in order to be a gentlemen, must have wore a correctly matched top hat
Different variety of dressing for different activities
High boots
Styles of Dressing (Based on Economic Class) and Social Implications
Only men, at the time, dressed to represent their economic class

Men would wear a top hat and a vest

Women would wear shorter skirts and removed their corsets to express their rebellion against their dress code

Women removed their corsets because it was not healthy for their waist

*Dressing was influenced by the Europeans
Make up and Hair
Women wore a net called a snood to hold their hair up

Women applied make-up on only for occasional purposes

Men styled their beards

At the time, it was considered manly for men to style their beards
Houses were usually made of wood

Architecture was also influenced by the Europeans

There were a lot of buildings near meadows
Most household items were made of wood
Some common households were laundry, silverware, chairs, and tables
Representing your time to the house through decorations

Decorations resemble how much time the owner has to fancy their house
Instruments Played
The Minstrel Shows
Plantations were owned by the Southerners

It was used to establish main residence and farms

Slaves worked in these Plantations and were paid at an average of 250$ a year
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