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Ranking Audition

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Transcript of Ranking Audition

Concept & Slightly the Judging System.
What do we need to know?
What are the conditions for this audition?
Good Luck Everyone
Similarities to KPOPStar Ranking Audition
Conditions Applied
D-Day Details
Live audition passers will perform solo.
Live Audition passers will perform their assigned song and their chosen song.
Everyone is encourage to attend at least 80% (3 meetings) of their schedule.
You are only competing within the member of your group.
Absence at the Performance Day is automatically disqualified to attain the "trainee" slots.
The judging system is originally thought by MSE. We will rank all members of your group from 1st to 7th place, your group will not be compared with other groups nor will compete with other groups.

Higher Rank
= 1st & 2nd Placer
Will Unanimously Passed

Middle Rank
= 3rd, 4th & 5th Placer
Verdict is 50% of Average votes from Judges and 50% of Ave. votes from all Mentors.

Lower Rank
= 6th & 7th Placer
Will be Automatically Failed
The location and time for the performance is to be announced by the 3rd week of May, however we have a finalize date of the performance day which will be on 31st of May 2014.
Php 180
Tuesday, May 07, 2014
Vol III, No. 1
Reasons why???
Another audition for passers!
After the ranking audition...
Ranking audition is for us to see more of the skills that you were not able to showcase last live audition event.
We want to see an improved performance after a month practice.
We want to know your weaknesses and strengths,so that the trainers can assess them once you are an official trainee.
More or less six (6) people will be eliminated on the performance day.

Once the ranking audition is over, those who will passed will be the 1st generation of official trainees of MSE.

For those who will faied
Ranking Audition
There are 3 groups(Group A,B & C) consisting of 7 live audition passers. The grouping was done by draw lots or assigned if unable to go to the 3-day orientation. Each group has a dance mentor and a vocal mentor who will guide/advice you with your performance. Each group will have different location of meetings with the mentors to prevent over crowding in one place. Also, each group have different time schedule. Lastly, at least 80% of attendance you will attend as much as possible for your schedule.
Group A
7 L.A.P
Dance & Vocal Mentor
Group B
7 L.A.P
Dance & Vocal Mentor
Group C
7 L.A.P
Dance & Vocal Mentor
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