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what are snowflakes

No description

J Kostenbader

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of what are snowflakes

Sarah Contrabasso
You wke up one winter,cold morning and you look out your window. you see that its snowing. right away you wonder about snowflakes. with lots of questions i am sure this prezi could answer them all.
How do Snowflakes form
snowflakes can also be super-cooled cloud droplets that have frozen up.Water droplets freezing on small ice particles create snowflakes.The air must be freezing otherwise it will melt and turn into rain. They form in clouds when the temperature is underneath the freezing point. as an ice crystal.
Snowflakes are something very interesting to learn about. i hope my prezi answered all of your questions about snowflakes. i hope you enjoyed my prezi.
what are snowflakes and what do they look like
Snowflakes are ice crystals. All they are is frozen rain.you are probaly familiar with snowstorms. If not there big rainstorms. there were never two of the same snowflakes.they look very similar to the human fingerprint. each snowflake is made up of 200 ice crystals.snowflakes have six sides. snow is a form of precipitation like rain and sleet.

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